West Virginia Wrestling

The Third Annual Ohio Valley Dual Pool Results

Date: 12/9/06

Fairland High School
Proctorville, Ohio

Team Score
Johnson Central 90
Athens 87
Gallipolis 67
Fairland 65
Wellston 52
Chesapeake 32
Ashland 24
Meigs 21
Huntington High B 18

Individual Results

103 145
1st Saylers (JC) 1st Evans (FA)
2nd Cavin (ASH) 2nd McLaughlin (ATH)
3rd Dingess (ATH) 3rd Saunders (GA)
4th Butcher (JC2) 4th Arthur (WE)
112 152
1st Jude (JC) 1st Jackson (FA)
2nd Wentz (FA) 2nd Site (JC)
3rd Ward (GA) 3rd Smith (HHS)
4th Wolf (ATH) 4th Lawry (ATH2)
119 160
1st Spencer (JC) 1st Stallo (CH)
2nd Starkey (FA) 2nd Harrison (GA)
3rd Nash (ATH) 3rd Arms (ME)
4th Pullins (GA) 4th Bartram (ASH)
125 171
1st Lewis (CH) 1st Mace (ATH)
2nd Wireman (FA) 2nd Wilson (WE)
3rd Spencer (JC) 3rd Graves (FA)
4th Lyles (GA) 4th Woods (HHS)
130 189
1st Grimm (JC) 1st Lockard (WE)
2nd Bays (GA) 2nd Alassaf (ATH)
3rd Gerren (ATH) 3rd Case (WE2)
4th Flemming (WE) 4th Grey (WE3)
135 215
1st Stalder (ATH) 1st McClain (WE)
2nd Rigsby (ASH) 2nd Lowe (JC)
3rd Carter (HHS) 3rd Swisher (GA)
4th Mason (GA) 4th Welch (ME)
140 285
1st Pugh (ATH) 1st Bokovitz (GA)
2nd Arthur (WE) 2nd Willford (ME)
3rd Freeman (JC) 3rd Duty (GA2)
4th Fabiny (ATH2) 4th Wiley (CH)

Submitted by: C Wentz

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