Webster County Hardwood Duals Results

Location: Webster County High School




1st Lincoln High School   4-1

2nd Braxton County High School   4-1

3rd Clay County High School  4-1

Webster County High School 2-1

Independence High School 2-1

Oak Hill High School 2-1

Capitol High School 1-2

Poca High School 1-2

Richwood High School 1-2

Bath County, VA 0-3

Meadow Bridge High School 0-3

Fayettevile High School 0-3






103 M. Hypes, Richwood,1st

    J. McCOurt, Clay Co.,2nd

    Toler, Independence,3rd

    Collette, Lincoln,4th


112 Grose, Clay Co.,1st

    Castro, Oak Hill,2nd

    Weaver, Lincoln,3rd

    Boggess, Clay Co.-B,4th


119 M. McCourt, Clay Co.,1st

    Crist, Braxton Co.,2nd

    Sayre, Capitol-B,3rd

    Burdette, Poca,4th


125 Hamrick, Clay Co.,1st

    Dennison, Braxton Co.,2nd

    Grounds, Braxton Co.-C,3rd

    Shillingburg, Fayetteville,4th


130 Adkins, Clay Co.,1st

    Young, Webster Co.,2nd

    White, Lincoln,3rd

    Gentile, Braxton Co.,4th


135 Morgan, Lincoln,1st

    Culverhouse, Braxton Co.,2nd

    Farrell, Fayetteville,3rd

    J. Willaims, Bath Co., VA ,4th


140 Daniels, Clay Co.,1st

    Swiger, Lincoln,2nd

    Toothman, Webster Co.,3rd

    Hayhurst, Richwood,4th



145 Shuemake, Oak Hill,1st

    Boggs, Poca,2nd

    Given, Braxton Co.,3rd

    Dorsey, Lincoln,4th


152 Day, Independence,1st

    Dean, Oak Hill,2nd

    Wray, Lincoln,3rd

    Vaughin, Poca,4th


160 Tanner, Braxton Co.,1st

    Ward, Independence,2nd

    Jones, Oak Hill,3rd

    Cox, Lincoln,4th


171 Sean Sigman, Winfield,1st

    Killingsworth, Lincoln,2nd

    Clifton, Independence,3rd

    Carr, Richwood,4th


189 Treadway, Oak Hill,1st

    Dennison, Braxton Co.,2nd

    J. Robertson, Bath Co., VA,3rd

    Tyler, Webster Co.,4th


215 Fell, Oak Hill,1st

    Steiner, Braxton Co.,2nd

    Kay, Capitol,3rd

    J. Salisbury, Webster Co.,4th


285 Tindal, Richwood,1st

    Jesse Sigman, Winfield,2nd

    Dujardin, Bath Co., VA ,3rd

    McDaniel, Webster Co.,4th


Most Valuable Wrestler:  Jordan Adkins (130lb) Clay County High School



Note:  Fridays starting time next year will be moved up to 12 noon.