West Virginia Wrestling

South 48 Clay Battelle 21

Date: 1-11-08
Location: Cheat Lake Middle

78: Hinkle cb pins wolfe
84: double fft
90: Hinkle CB pins stiles
95: Harman S pins dille
102: hartsell S fft
110: Lawrence S fft
116: Lasure S pins Watson
123: Harman S fft
128: Wotring S fft
135: Stevens S fft
145: double fft
155: Shriver CB fft
171: freeland CB fft
190: double fft
275: Berry S fft

Comments: South takes the contested matches 12-9, winning 2 of 4 This was much closer than the scoreboard would suggest. Hinkle brothers from CB looked sharp.

Submitted by: Brandon Antion

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