West Virginia Wrestling

Coalfield Conference Tournament

Date: January 12, 2008
Location: Shady Spring MS

Team Scores
Trap Hill 272
Independence 232
Park 217
Eastern Greenbrier 205
Western Greenbrier
Shady Spring

Championship 78: Kosut SS defeated Alderson WG
Championship 84: Yates EG defeated Goddard WG
Championship 90: Cooper P defeated Carpenter TH
Championship 95: Collins TH defeated Reedy I
Championship 102: Banks C defeated Glover EG
Championship 110: Bugby WG defeated Williams P
Championship 116: Milam TH defeated Shumate I
Championship 123: Lilly I defeated Elam TH
Championship 128: Ayers TH defeated Bullock EG
Championship 135: Lowe SS defeated Pack P
Championship 145: Nelson I defeated Fitzwater TH
Championship 155: Enke S defeated Brooks EG
Championship 171: Stephens TH defeated Hartsog SS
Championship 190: House P defeated St. Clair I
Championship 275 Bays TH defeated Harris P

Third 78: Merideth P defeated Fraley TH
Third 84: Stump SS defeated Ward I
Third 90: Clark I defeated Smith C
Third 95: Burgess P defeated Jerman EG
Third 102: Cales I defeated Moore S
Third 110: Parker WG defeated Clinebell I
Third 116: Stewart S defeated Dheel P
Third 123: Flemming WG defeated Solak EG
Third 128: Arreguin P defeated Enke S
Third 135: McKinney C defeated Frye EG
Third 145: Gillispie SS defeated Ratcliff EG
Third 155: Bonds TH defeated Austin SS
Third 171: Mitchem I defeated Painter P
Third 190: Tatum C defeated Robinson EG
Third 275:Hughes EG defeated Knight P

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