West Virginia Wrestling

Enslow Middle School Wrestling Tournament

Date: 1/12/08
Location: Enslow Middle

Team Scores
Barboursville 148
Buffalo 139
Beverly Hills 92
Chesapeake 87
Ashland Verity 82
Enslow 63
Wellston 51
Fairland 50

Larry Lafon Most Outstanding Wrestler
Johnny Easthom Enslow

Weight Class 78
1st: Noble (buffalo)
2nd: Flores (barboursville)
Weight Class 84
1st: Barker (Chesapeake)
2nd: Cooper (barboursville)
Weight Class 90
1st: Alderman (barboursville)
2nd: Pitts (Enslow)
Weight Class 95
1st: Arthur (beverly hills)
2nd: Doss (Buffalo)
Weight Class 102
1st: Easthom (Enslow)
2nd: Swann (Beverly Hills)
Weight Class 110
1st: Lewis (Fairland)
2nd: Sansom (barboursville)
Weight Class 116
1st: Smith - Buffalo
2nd: Ekers - barboursville
Weight Class 123
1st: Turley - Barboursville
2nd: Scarr- Barboursville
Weight Class 128
1st: Clark - Buffalo
2nd: Fonderen - Barboursville
Weight Class 135
1st: Brent - Beverly Hills
2nd: Morris - Buffalo
Weight Class 145
1st: Marshall - Buffalo
2nd: Farley - Barboursville
Weight Class 155
1st: Marshall - Buffalo
2nd: Clayton - Beverly Hills
Weight Class 171
1st: Southwick- Wellston
2nd: Justice - Ashland
Weight Class 190
1st: Hughes - Chesapeake
2nd: Castteal- Enslow
Weight Class 275
1st: Bock- Barboursville
2nd: Adkins - Buffalo


Submitted by: Larry Hutchinson

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