West Virginia Wrestling

Spencer Middle Invitational

Date: January 12, 2008
Location: Spencer Middle School

Team Scores
1. Wirt, 27
2. Spencer, 23
3. Wahama, 22
4. Calhoun, 20

Weight Class 78
1st: Cain, Wirt
2nd: Whitehead, Wirt
3rd: Bennet, Wahama
4th: Robie, Wahama
Weight Class 84
1st: Cheavront, Wirt
2nd: Maldonado, Spencer
3rd: Roush, Wahama
4th: Siers, Calhoun
Weight Class 90
1st: Cottrell, Spencer
2nd: Braniff, Wirt
3rd: Roush, Wahama
4th: Stewart, Wahama
Weight Class 95
1st: Gross, Braxton
2nd: Blair, Calhoun
3rd: Cottrell, Wirt
4th: MacIver, Williamstown
Weight Class 102
1st: Whiting, Spencer
2nd: Kirk, John Adams
3rd: Zide, Williamstown
4th: Ferguson, Wirt
Weight Class 110
1st: Yoak, Calhoun
2nd: Hottle, Spencer
3rd: Neal, Wahama
4th: Roy, Dupont
Weight Class 116
1st: Wease, Calhoun
2nd: Van Meter, Wahama
3rd: Morris, John Adams
4th: Yost, Williamstown
Weight Class 123
1st: Jones, Williamstown
2nd: Jeffries, Dupont
3rd: Summers, Spencer
4th: Menendez, Wahama
Weight Class 128
1st: Levitan, John Adams
2nd: Ash, Spencer
3rd: Haught, Calhoun
4th: McKinney, Wahama
Weight Class 135
1st: Metz, Calhoun
2nd: Stone, Wahama
3rd: Cokeley, John Adams
4th: Ferguson, Wirt
Weight Class 145
1st: Williams, John Adams
2nd: Reynolds, Spencer
3rd: Smith, Calhoun
4th: Mitchell, Braxton
Weight Class 155
1st: Smith, Wirt
2nd: Smith, Wahama
3rd: Jones, Calhoun
4th: Lawson, Spencer
Weight Class 171
1st: Brindo, Wirt
2nd: Peyton, Wahama
3rd: Bailey, Braxton
4th: Adkins, John Adams
Weight Class 190
1st: Holbert, Wirt
2nd: King, Braxton
3rd: Cheng, John Adams
4th: Laird, Wirt
Weight Class 275
1st: Kelley, Dupont
2nd: Young, Braxton
3rd: Branch, Wahama
4th: Holstein, John Adams

Comments: Congratulations to Sam Whiting from Spencer, voted "Most Outstanding Wrestler"...an excellent team captain and a fine young man. Thanks to all the teams & parents for coming today, and to our parents & volunteers for making it happen. Our E.M.S. coverage was a designated crew who was not on a regular Saturday shift, they spent their day with us to help all the wrestlers in attendance. Thanks again.

Submitted by: Bruce Boggs, Team Trainer/Asst. Coach

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