West Virginia Wrestling

Burgettstown Tournament

Date: January 26, 2008
Location: Burgettstown, PA

Team Scores
Burgettstown 177
Wayesboro 147
Greensburg-Salem 132
Brooke 118
Youngville 81
Carlynton 76.5
Blackhawk 71
Pine-Richland 66
Peters Township 65
Center 61
Southmoreland 59
Woodland Hills 32
Freedom 31
Jeannette 24

103 Championship: Smith (WA) pinned Thorn (J)
112 Championship: Nel (WA) pinned J. Caldwell (GS)
119 Championship: Fleming (BU) pinned Campbell (BR)
125 Championship: Fratangell (CE) dec Mauer (PT)
130 Championship: Grant (GS) dec Mauer (PT)
135 Championship: J. McFarland (BR) dec Brehm (P-R)
140 Championship: Griffen (GS) dec Vallina (BU)
145 Championship: Lucas (Y) pinned Gallagher (GS)
152 Championship: Fawcett (PR) pinned Manolukas
160 Championship: Metzmaier (PT) dec Frund (S)
171 Championship: Sullivan (Y) dec Beal (S)
189 Championship: Watson (BU) pinned McKenzie (C)
215 Championship: Conley (BU) pinned Peiffer (GS)
285 Championship: D. Kowcheck (BR) pinned Thomas (BU)

103 Third Place: Pulcini (B) dec Wildley (S)
112 Third Place: B. Fluharty (BR) major dec. Openbrier (BU)
119 Third Place: Heilmann (PT) won by forfeit
125 Third Place: Schall (CA) tech fall Lucas (Y)
130 Third Place: Harley (BL) dec S. Beavers (BR)
135 Third Place: Schilinski (BU) dec Mowen (WA)
140 Third Place: B. Giles (BR) pinned Beltz (WA)
145 Third Place: Janocha (CA) dec Smith (WA)
152 Third Place: Morales (WA) pinned Ban (CA)
160 Third Place: Tarrish (GS) dec Trasport (CE)
171 Third Place: Matiljevich (BU) pined KEpploe
189 Third Place: McFerren (WA) tech fall Jackson (Y)
215 Third Place: Reed (WA) pinned A. Pederson (BR)g
285 Third Place: Smith (BU) pined Gaskill (WA)

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