West Virginia Wrestling

Charles Town (CT) 72 vs. Parkersburg Catholic (PC) 6

January 25-26, 2008
AT West Virginia Duals, Parkersburg WV

78 Jonathan Wimer (CT) WBF T. Lancaster (PC) F 2:00
84 Tyler Cross (CT) WBF FORFEIT F FOR
90 Chaz Plauche (CT) WBF FORFEIT F FOR
95 Dylan Ceravalo (CT) WBF Riley Wines (PC) F 2:00
102 Colin Gustines (CT) WBF x Bruffy (PC) F 2:00
110 Luke Meuller (CT) WBF x Welch (PC) F 1:00
116 Jesse Cruz (CT) WBF x Shriner (PC) F 1:00
123 x Rieby (PC) WBF Kody Abel (CT) F 2:00
128 Aaron Gomke (CT) WBF x Goodwin (PC) F 1:00
135 Kynan Williams (CT) WBF FORFEIT F FOR
155 Richard Clark (CT) WBF A. Waldon (PC) F 2:00
171 Cody Webb (CT) WBF FORFEIT F FOR
285 Kevin Longerbeam (CT) WBF x Tuell (PC) F 1:00

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