West Virginia Wrestling

Robert Bland (RB) 67 Cheat Lake (CL) 18

January 25-26, 2008
AT West Virginia Duals, Parkersburg WV

78 x Moneypenny (RB) WBD Ty Nagy (CL) M 10-0
84 x Waugh (RB) WBF McGuire Reid (CL) F 1:28
90 x Carlton (RB) WBF Cody Salamont (CL) F 2:50
95 x Anthony (RB) WBF Abby Schiffbauer (CL) F 1:01
102 x Stalnaker (RB) WBD Justin Voithofer (CL) D 14-8
110 x McClain (RB) WBF Mo Buzzo (CL) F 0:48
116 x Carson (RB) WBF Drew Michael (CL) F 0:21
123 x Montgomery (RB) WBF Patrick Wells (CL) F 0:50
128 x Burr (RB) WBF William Stockett (CL) F 0:31
135 Blake Lillard (CL) WBF x Fridley (RB) F 0:38
145 x Linger (RB) WBF Doug Bennett (CL) F 1:21
155 Justin Hughes (CL) WBF FORFEIT F FOR
171 Jeff Carr (CL) WBF FORFEIT F FOR
190 x Marsh (RB) WBF Jeff Howdershelt (CL) F 1:51
285 x Sines (RB) WBF Tyler Everson (CL) F 0:9

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