West Virginia Wrestling

Wheeling Park (WP) 74 Jefferson (JF) 4

January 25-26, 2008
AT West Virginia Duals, Parkersburg WV

103 John Nice (WP) WBF Sean Desmond (JF) F 0:16
112 Aaron Majetich (WP) WBF FORFEIT F FOR
119 Hans Rogerson (WP) WBD Tyler Jenkins (JF) TF-5 16-0;
125 Nick Taylor (WP) WBF Devin Raine (JF) F 1:23
130 Bryce Rush (WP) WBF Adam Curry (JF) F 5:26
135 Joe McKee (WP) WBD Dustin Carter (JF) D 3-1
140 Derrick Amos (WP) WBF Stephen Evans (JF) F 1:36
145 Brenden Gibson (WP) WBF John Rickards (JF) F 2:37
152 Heath Beecher (WP) WBF Dustin Lanning (JF) F 0:45
160 Seth Bumgardner (WP) WBF James Mason (JF) F 0:15
171 Dylan Nick (JF) WBD Dan Doyle (WP) M 15-6
189 Tucker Goodwin (WP) WBF Kevin Andrews (JF) F 1:44
215 Allen Earnest (WP) WBF JJ Torres (JF) F 0:54
285 Dutch Fisher (WP) WBF FORFEIT F FOR

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