West Virginia Wrestling

Wheeling Park (WP) 40 Parkersburg South (PS) 30

January 25-26, 2008
AT West Virginia Duals, Parkersburg WV

103 Dirk Bauer (WP) WBF Zac Wilson (PS) F 1:13
112 Aaron Majetich (WP) WBF Jeremy Corbitt (PS) F 3:18
119 Hans Rogerson (WP) WBF FORFEIT F FOR
125 Nick Taylor (WP) WBD Matt Tennant (PS) M 19-9
130 Bo Cooper (PS) WBF FORFEIT F FOR
135 Danny Fordyce (PS) WBD Joe McKee (WP) D 5-0
140 Cody Richards (PS) WBF Derrick Amos (WP) F 1:22
145 Marcus George (WP) WBF John Lemon (PS) F 1:46
152 Chris Smith (PS) WBD Heath Beecher (WP) D 5-3
160 Zach Sandy (PS) WBF Seth Bumgardner (WP) F 3:05
171 Lucas Goodwin (WP) WBF Coleby Richards (PS) F 3:10
189 David McCoy (PS) WBD Tucker Goodwin (WP) D 4-3
215 Allen Earnest (WP) WBF Andrew Parsons (PS) F 0:25
285 Zach Hanson (PS) WBD Dutch Fisher (WP) D 7-3

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