West Virginia Wrestling

John Adams 48 Horace Mann 30

Date: 12/4/07
Location: Stonewall Middle School

78: Slater (john adams) pins Jensen (horace mann) :51
84: Morris (horace mann) wins by forfiet
90: Jordan (horace mann) wins by forfiet
95: Dunlap (horace mann) pins Mounts (john adams) 3:46
102: Kirk (john adams) pins John (horace mann) :09
110: Bayes (horace mann) wins by forfiet
116: Walker (john adams) pins Donte (horace mann) 1:30
123: Morris (john adams) wins by forfiet
128: Levitan (john adams) wins by forfiet
135: Cokeley (john adams) pins ? 2:00
145: Williams (john adams) pins Zac (horace mann) 1:25
155: Double forfiet
171: Adkins (john adams) pins Jeremy (horace mann) 1:33
190: Cheng (john adams) wins by forfiet
275: Taylor (horace mann) pins Hoang (john adams) 4:44


Submitted by: Collin Morris

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