West Virginia Wrestling

North Marion Holiday JV Tournament

AT North Marion

Teams entered
East Fairmont(EF)
Fairmont Senior(FS)
Herbert Hoover(HH)
Lewis County (LC)
North Marion(NM)
Preston County(PR)

103 1st: Alex Cheslock (UN); 2nd: Brett Brooks (FS); 3rd: Michael Gibson (UN); 4th: Cody Rice (BR)
119 1st: Joshua Campbell (BR); 2nd: Ben Sisler (FS); 3rd: Hunter Onderko (EF); 4th: James Watson(EF)
125 1st: Trevor Vilga (BR); 2nd: Evan Yost (UN); 3rd: Frank Katonka (EF); 4th: Tyler Hartzell (EF)
130 1st: Vincent Viani (FS); 2nd: Philip King (UN); 3rd: Wesley Baker (UN); 4th: Christian Higgins (MO)
135 1st: Matt Martin(HH); 2nd: Mike Holyfield; 3rd: Garrett Richardson (UN); 4th: Cody King (LC)
140 1st: Cody Huffman (UN); 2nd: Jamie Allard (FS); 3rd: Tyson Wolfe (NM); 4th: Lucas Bolyard (PR)
145 1st: Aaron Scurry (BR); 2nd: Jimmy McGinty (NM); 3rd: Corey Edgell (EF); 4th: Dave Marple (LC)
152 1st: Andrew Young (HH); 2nd: Cody Stafford (UN); 3rd: Jeremy Andrews (PR); 4th: Isaiah Tipton(FS)
160 1st: Daven Barrish (BR); 2nd: Brandon Spicer (EF); 3rd: Justin Triplett (UN); 4th: Jamie Cale (PR)
171 1st: Cody Smith (NM); 2nd: Justin Yorick (MO); 3rd: Zach Ayers (NM); 4th: Tyler Hudson (EF)
189 1st: Nick Pederson (BR); 2nd: Cody Wood (NM); 3rd: Shawn Johnson (MO); 4th: Geoffrey Naugle(MO)
215 1st: Jeff Weng (UN); 2nd: Anthony Pederson (BR); 3rd: Brett Stemple (GR); 4th: Seth Simonson (EF)
285 1st: Josh Simms (PR); 2nd: Eli Posten (GR); 3rd: Colton Coombs (UN); 4th: Craig Dotson (LC)

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