West Virginia Wrestling

Mountain State Clash
Parkersburg WV
January 2, 2009

Ritchie County (RC) 57  Huntington (HNT) 18 
78 Jacob Monn (RC) WBF x Williams (HNT) F 1:29 
84 Andrew Davis (RC) WBF FORFEIT F FOR 
90 Jon Harkness (RC) WBF FORFEIT F FOR 
95 x Elswick (HNT) WBD Mark Freeland (RC) D 8-6 
102 Kyle West (RC) WBF x Cox (HNT) F 1:18 
110 Tristan Ray (RC) WBF x Keith (HNT) F 0:26 
116 x Waldeck (HNT) WBD Devon Jones (RC) D 2-0 
123 Matt Harkness (RC) WBD x Johnson (HNT) D 4-3 
128 Travis Sheets (RC) WBF x Mangum (HNT) F 0:41 
135 Tim Cole (RC) WBF FORFEIT F FOR 
145 x Bias (HNT) WBF Jason Moore (RC) F 1:31 
155 x May (HNT) WBF Brad Riddle (RC) F 0:46 
171 Trent Hart (RC) WBF x Porter (HNT) F 0:36 
190 Jim Hodge (RC) WBF x Toney (HNT) F 0:25 

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