West Virginia Wrestling

Mountain State Clash
Parkersburg WV
January 2, 2009

Trap Hill (TH) 75 Ripley B (RB2) 12  
78 Triston Harvey (TH) WBF D Johnson (RB2) F 0:43 
84 Trent Howerton (TH) WBF Will Bibbee (RB2) F 0:42
90 Austin Fraley (TH) WBF FORFEIT F FOR 
95 Phillip Clark (TH) WBD Z Parson (RB2) D 12-10 
102 Shane Johnson (RB2) WBF Chandler Stewart (TH) F 0:14 
110 Matthew Bailey (TH) WBF Garrett Durst (RB2) F 0:23 
116 Levi Bryant (RB2) WBF Josh Brown (TH) F 0:34 
123 Chris Kincaid (TH) WBF FORFEIT F FOR 
128 Logan Asbury (TH) WBF FORFEIT F FOR 
135 RJ Elam (TH) WBF Jacob KAY (RB2) F 0:23 
145 Cliff Hawley (TH) WBF Martin Kuhl (RB2) F 0:23 
155 Charles Ayers (TH) WBF Scottie Greenberg (RB2) F 0:12 
171 Christian Byrd (TH) WBF FORFEIT F FOR 
190 Cory Combs (TH) WBF FORFEIT F FOR 
285 Donavan Vance (TH) WBF Chris Cantley (RB2) F 0:44 

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