West Virginia Wrestling

Mountain State Clash
Parkersburg WV
January 3, 2009

Independence (IND) 30  Blenny B (BLN2) 15 
78 Cody Cliffton (IND) WBD logan ball (BLN2) D 13-11 
84 Teddy Stover (IND) WBD Kyle Harris (BLN2) D 5-0 
90 Taylor Richmond (IND) WBF Dylan Alexander (BLN2) F 4:54 
95 Christian Deem (BLN2) WBD Dustin Justice (IND) D 7-3 
102 Colton Ward (IND) WBF Zack Mather (BLN2) F 2:00 
110 Brad Morrison (BLN2) WBF FORFEIT F FOR 
116 Cris Clark (IND) WBF FORFEIT F FOR 
171 Logan Roberts (BLN2) WBF FORFEIT F FOR 
285 Zack Fleshman (IND) WBF FORFEIT F FOR 

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