West Virginia Wrestling Mountain State Clash
Parkersburg WV
January 3, 2009

Shady Spring (SS) 54  Mountaineer (MOUNT) 30 
78 x Daniels (SS) WBF Aaron Wilson (MOUNT) F 1:30 
84 x Duncan (SS) WBF Dakota Dodd (MOUNT) F 0:46 
90 D. Meadows (SS) WBF FORFEIT F FOR 
95 x Stump (SS) WBF Hobie Tomes (MOUNT) F 0:36 
102 Philip Fobare (MOUNT) WBD x Kosut (SS) D 3-1 
110 Logan Robey (MOUNT) WBD x Matherly (SS) D 6-0 
116 Spencer Harlow (MOUNT) WBF x Forren (SS) F 0:47 
123 x Brogan (SS) WBF Charlie Pumphrey (MOUNT) F 0:42 
128 x Richmond (SS) WBF Joe Pennel (MOUNT) F 1:59 
135 Brandon Channel (MOUNT) WBF x Perry (SS) F 0:33 
145 Seth Winters (MOUNT) WBF x Sadler (SS) F 0:46 
155 x Lowe (SS) WBF Ethan Carder (MOUNT) F 0:10 
171 x Austin (SS) WBF Ronnie Weaver (MOUNT) F 0:34 
190 x Asbury (SS) WBF Dillon Given (MOUNT) F 0:21 
285 Jobie Cottrell (MOUNT) WBF x Meadows (SS) F 0:59 

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