West Virginia Wrestling

Keyser Youth Wrestling Tournament Results

January 18, 2009

290 Wrestlers (WV, MD, VA, & PA)

Team Results
1st Hyndman, PA 6th Tri Co. WV 11th Preston Mat, WV
2nd Southern Grt, MD 7th Hampshire, WV 12th Mountain Ridge, MD
3rd Keyser, WV 8th Moorefield, WV 13th Laurel Highlands, PA
4th Frankfort, WV 9th Fort Hill, MD 14th Howard Co., MD
5th Williamsport, MD 10th Northern Grt, MD 15th Uniontown, PA

6U 40 (8 Entries)
1st K. Shafer (PMC, WV)
2nd D. Jones (PMC, WV)
3rd I. Mongold (Moor, WV)
4th A. Schwab, (SMC, MD)

6U 45 (9 Entries)
1st J. Sweitzer (SMC, MD)
2nd J. McComas (SMC, MD)
3rd C. Parrish, (FMC, WV)
4th B. Pattison (KEY, WV)

6U 50 (10 Entries)
1st Kolynn Robinette. (FMC, WV)
2nd I. Vanmeter (Moor, WV)
3rd M. Jenkins (Moor, WV)
4th K. Mongold (Moor, WV)

6U 55 (9 Entries)
1st E. Zimmerman (Wpt, MD)
2nd D. Luciasano (Moor, WV)
3rd H. Wilhelm (NMC, MD)
4th Kennedy Robinette (FMC, WV)

6U 60 (2 Entries)
1st K. Hamilton (Bowie, MD)
2nd Oates (Tri Co., WV)

6U 70 (4 Entries)
1st D. Tingler (Tri Co. WV)
2nd B. Lambert (Hamp, WV)
3rd E. Brake (Moor, WV)
4th R. Weasonforth (Tri Co., WV)

7-8 45 (5 Entries)
1st K. Snyder (Moor, WV)
2nd C. Planta (Warhawks, MD)
3rd J. Diehl (FH, MD)
4th D. Plum (FMC, WV)

7-8 50 (7 Entries)
1st S. Jenkins (Uniontown, PA)
2nd N. Anderson (Wpt, MD)
3rd C. Rhodes (FMC, WV)
4th D. Horner, (SMC, MD)

7-8 55 (10 Entries)
1st C. Crawford (Wpt, MD)
2nd E. Swick (Tri Co, WV)
3rd R. Meese (FMC, WV)
4th S. Perry (Key, WV)

7-8 60 (7 Entries)
1st T. Mason (Key, WV)
2nd N. Lamb (FH, MD)
3rd W. Brehm (FH, MD)
4th D. Musser (Tri Co, WV)

7-8 65 (7 Entries)
1st Karson Robinette, (FMC, WV)
2nd A. Horner (SMC, MD)
3rd C. Swan (Allegany, MD)
4th B. Lambert (Hamp, WV)

7-8 70 (5 Entries)
1st T. Wallace (LH, PA)
2nd JC Cousins. (FMC, WV)
3rd J. Moomau, (Tri Co, WV)
4th D. Tingler, (Tri Co, WV)

7-8 75 (4 Entries)
1st J. Cattlet (Hamp, WV)
2nd H. Watson, (FH, MD)
3rd T. Cumerlato (SMC, MD)
4th M. Hallenback, (Allegany, MD)

7-8 80 (6 Entries)
1st D. Rinker (SMC, MD)
2nd J. Hartman (Tri. Co., WV)
3rd R. Bradley (Mey, PA)
4th G. Winebrenner (Hynd, PA)

7-8 100 (8 Entries)
1st B. Miller (PMC, WV)
2nd D. Shaffer (FH , MD)
3rd A. Burgess (Tri Co, WV)
4th M. Miller (FMC, WV)

9-10 55 (5 Entries)
1st D. Planta (Warhawks, MD)
2nd E. Swick (Tri Co, WV)
3rd C. Whitacre (FH, MD)
4th A. Sheetz (Hynd, PA)

9-10 60 (6 Entries)
1st D. Wallace (LH, PA)
2nd S. Yutzy (MR, MD)
3rd D. Planta (War, MD)
4th W. Ack (Key, WV)

9-10 65 (10 Entries)
1st D. Hamrick (SMC, MD)
2nd D. Wilt (Key, WV)
3rd Karson Robinette (FMC, WV)
4th Z. Odom (Hamp, WV)

9-10 70 (15 Entries)
1st J. Beckley (Wpt, MD)
2nd T. Gnagey (Mey, PA)
3rd D. Femi (MR, MD)
4th C. Fritz (Tri Co, WV)

9-10 75 (11 Entries)
1st T. Elvin (Mey, PA)
2nd J. Engalls (PMC, WV)
3rd C. Messick (FMC, WV)
4th E. Fike (SMC, MD)

9-10 80 (5 Entries)
1st Kristian Robinette (FMC, WV)
2nd C. Horner (SMC, MD)
3rd C. Secrist (Tri Co, WV)
4th N. Durst (NMC, MD)

9-10 85 (4 Entries)
1st C. Funk (FH, MD)
2nd J. Patterson (FMC, WV)
3rd JP Stewart (Key, WV)
4th G. Smith. (FH, MD)

9-10 90 (4 Entries)
1st B. Horner (Key, WV)
2nd J. Hartman (Tri Co, WV)
3rd M. Geis (FMC, WV)
4th N. Steckman (FH, MD)

9-10 100 (4 Entries)
1st B. Greise (Hynd, PA)
2nd T. Musser (Tri Co. WV)
3rd J. Makosky (FMC, WV)
4th J. Cline (Moor, WV)

9-10 115 (9 Entries)
1st C. Marple, (Som, PA)
2nd R. Hess, (FH, MD)
3rd B. Lichliter, (FMC, WV)
4th B. Dantzic, (Key, WV)

9-10 130 (2 Entries)
1st M. Livengood (Wpt, MD)
2nd N. Jenkins. (Moor, WV)

9-10 Unl (2 Entries)
1st T. Friend (FMC, WV)
2nd A. Knippenberg (FH, MD)

11-12 65 (4 Entries)
1st D. Wilt (Key, WV)
2nd J. Gerhardt (FMC, WV)
3rd DJ Wallace (LH, PA)
4th Z. Odom (Hamp, WV)

11-12 70 (6 Entries)
1st J. King (SMC, MD)
2nd T. Clites (Hynd, PA)
3rd C. Matthews (MR, MD)
4th C. Brinkman, (FMC, WV)

11-12 75 (8 Entries)
1st J. Opel (NMC, MD)
2nd Z. Haer (NMC, MD)
3rd S. Buser (FMC, WV)
4th C. Messick (FMC, WV)

11-12 80 (11 Entries)
1st B. Jenkins (Union, PA)
2nd M. Wilson (Hunt, PA)
3rd Kristian Robinette (FMC, WV)
4th E. White (Key, WV)

11-12 85 (6 Entries)
1st A. Martz (MR, MD)
2nd Z. Hose (Moor, WV)
3rd M. Musser (Tri Co, WV)
4th J. Patterson (FMC, WV)

11-12 90 (9 Entries)
1st J. Jones (Wpt, MD)
2nd Kirk Robinette (FMC, WV)
3rd N. Russell (Hunt, PA)
4th D. Brown (Wpt, MD)

11-12 100 (5 Entries)
1st Osselburn (NMC, MD)
2nd Fulmer (SMC, MD)
3rd Kernan (SB)
4th A. Jones (PMC, WV)

11-12 110 (5 Entries)
1st C. Rodeheaver (Key, WV)
2nd W. Schoonover (Moore, WV)
3rd T. Massey (SMC, MD)
4th JD Patterson (Pres, WV)

11-12 125 (4 Entries)
1st M. Livengood (Wpt, MD)
2nd A. Clark (MR, MD)
3rd T. Rohrbaugh (Tri Co., WV)
4th T. Lloyd (FMC, WV)

11-12 135 (3 Entries)
1st Durst (NMC, MD)
2nd Johnson (PMC, WV)
3rd Eye (Moore, WV)

11-12 150 (2 Entries)
1st O. Miller (Hynd, PA)
2nd Rinker (SMC, MD)

11-12 Unl (2 Entries)
1st J. Bennett (Hynd, PA)
2nd Shifflett (Tri Co, WV)

13-15 83 (7 Entries)
1st M. Pezzanite (Hamp, WV)
2nd E. White (Key, WV)
3rd J. Opel (NMC)
4th C. Gibner (Hynd, PA)

13-15 100 (4 Entries)
1st B. Logsdon (Hynd, PA)
2nd C. Whitlock (Key, WV)
3rd J. Taylor (MR, MD)
4th A. Seiv (FMC, WV)

13-15 115 (6 Entries)
1st R. Moskey (Hynd, PA)
2nd C. Rodeheaver (Key, WV)
3rd A. McDonald (FH, MD)
4th C. Heater (Hamp, WV)

13-15 128 (5 Entries)
1st D. Pritt (SMC, MD)
2nd M. Skipper (SMC, MD)
3rd P. Derryberry (Key, WV)
4th M. Femi (MR, MD)

13-15 143 (7 Entries)
1st J. Pezzanite (Hamp, WV)
2nd B. Boman (Key, WV)
3rd M. Skipper (SMC, MD)
4th E. McFarland (IND)

13-15 155 (3 Entries)
1st T. Barger (Steph City, VA)
2nd D. Wilt, (Key, WV)
3rd B. Bowman (Key, WV)

13-15 170 (6 Entries)
1st D. Wilt (Key, WV)
2nd J. Bennett ((Hynd, PA)
3rd T. Gregory (SMC, MD)
4th C. Rasel (SMC, MD)

13-15 190 (4 Entries)
1st A. Lease (Hynd, PA)
2nd D. Emerick (Hynd, PA)
3rd R. Paugh (Hamp, WV)
4th J. Napier (Key, WV)

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