West Virginia Wrestling

Raleigh County Middle School Wrestling Championships

Date: January 28, 2009
Location: Park Middle School

Team Scores
1-Trap Hill 229
2-Shady Spring 187.5
3-Park 140
4-Independence 111.5

Championship 78: 1-Cody Clifton (I) 2-Richie Miller (IB)
Championship 84: 1-John Duncan (SS) 2-Travis Grim (I)
Championship 90: 1-Chris Meadows(SS) 2-Austin Fraley (TH)
Championship 95: 1-Brandon Stump (SS) 2-Jakob Cooper (P)
Championship 102: 1-Colton Ward (I) 2-Chandler Stewart (TH)
Championship 110: 1-Mathew Bailey (TH) 2-Zac Matherly (SS)
Championship 116: 1-Chris Clark (I) 2-Jason Young (SS)
Championship 123: 1-Josh Brown (TH) 2-L.J. Lambert (SS)
Championship 128: 1-Logan Asbury (TH) 2-Cody Richmond (SS)
Championship 135: 1-R.J. Elam (TH) 2-Ian Hashimura (P)
Championship 145: 1-Cody Lowe (SS) 2-Bob Edmonds (P)
Championship 155: 1-Charlie Ayers (TH) 2-Hunter Bostic (P)
Championship 171: 1-Christian Byrd (TH) 2-Dylan McBride (I)
Championship 190: 1-Eddie Asbury (SS) 2-Corey Combs (TH)
Championship 275 1-Donovan Vance (TH) 2-Anthony Hosea (P)

Third 78: 3-Tristan Harvey (TH)
Third 84: 3-Travis Howerton (TH)
Third 90: 3-Damon Meredith (P)
Third 95: 3-David Meadows (SSB)
Third 102: 3-Tyler Kosut (SS)
Third 110: 3-Marcus Burgess (P)
Third 116: 3-Corey Ellison (P)
Third 123: 3-Hunter Davis (P)3
Third 128: 3-Denny Coffman (P)
Third 135: 3-Robbie Perry (SS)
Third 145: 3-Cody McGinnis (TH)
Third 155: 3-Parker Unroe (PB)
Third 171: 3-Dustin Hall (P)
Third 190: 3-Angelo Law (PB)
Third 275:3-Quantel Saunders (PB)

Comments: Trap Hill wins fourth County Championship in a row.

Submitted by: Wayne Bennett, Tournament Director

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