West Virginia Wrestling

West Virginia Duals

January 30-31, 2009
Parkersburg West Virginia

North Akron (NA) 61  Wirt County (WC) 6 
78 Anthony Tutolo (NA) WBF Sam Modesitt (WC) F 3:00 
84 Jimmy Ferritto (NA) WBD Jon Cain (WC) D 5-4 
90 Mike Rix (NA) WBD Trapper Hayes (WC) TF-5 16-0; 
95 Josh LeeMaster (NA) WBF Alex Modesitt (WC) F 0:31 
102 Mike Kostandaras (NA) WBD Tyler Chevront (WC) M 12-2 
110 Roman Bell (NA) WBD Jake Linville (WC) D 5-0 
116 Josh LeeMaster (NA) WBD Cody Ferguson (WC) M 14-3 
123 Ryan Sconezney (NA) WBF Austin Cottrell (WC) F 0:57 
128 Aron Adkins (NA) WBF Hagan Root (WC) F 3:00 
135 a monoca (NA) WBF Wesley Valentine (WC) F 1:33 
145 Tony Adkins (NA) WBF Dylan Pickrell (WC) F 0:28 
155 x rumpel (NA) WBF Ronald Kerby (WC) F 4:19 
190 Trent Hardbarger (WC) WBF FORFEIT F FOR 

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