West Virginia Wrestling

2009 West Virginia Duals
January 30-31, 2009
Parkersburg, WV

East Fairmont (EF) 45 Cloverleaf OH (CL) 26

103 Layne Michael (EF) WBF Jake Saffle (CL) F 0:59
112 Blake Walker (EF) WBF Collin Davies (CL) F 5:28
119 Hunter Wood (EF) WBF Dustin Pupp (CL) F 1:59
125 Ryan Flower (CL) WBD Todd Rundle (EF) TF-5 16-0;
130 Mike Baker (EF) WBF Kevin Stein (CL) F 3:32
135 Tyler Hartzell (EF) WBD Charlie Kovacs (CL) D 8-2
140 Andrew Jenkins (EF) WBF Andrew Martin (CL) F 0:36
145 Shane Jenkins (CL) WBF FORFEIT F FOR
152 Pat Kovacs (CL) WBF Mike Holyfield (EF) F 1:25
160 Cory Baker (CL) WBF FORFEIT F FOR
171 Mason Bailey (EF) WBF Kyle Morton (CL) F 3:26
189 James Mascaro (EF) WBD Cameron O'Rourke (CL) D 9-3
215 Ben Weinerman (CL) WBD Tyler Hudson (EF) D 3-1
285 Zac Townsend (EF) WBD Mike King (CL) D 5-2

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