West Virginia Wrestling

West Virginia USGWA State Championships OPEN

Wirt County Middle School, Elizabeth, West Virginia
Sunday, March 15, 2009

Elementary Division

42 lbs.
1st - Samantha Miller (Parkersburg, WV) - unopposed.
*exhibitioned in next group up.

54 lbs.
1st - Kylee Williams (Ravenswood, WV) over Olivia Rose (Clarington, OH).
2nd - Olivia Rose (Clarington, OH) over Samantha Miller (Parkersburg, WV).
3rd - Samantha Miller (Parkersburg, WV) over Rylee Cochran (Letart, WV).
Williams over Miller.
Williams over Cochran.
Rose over Cochran.

58 lbs.
1st - Chyanna Rohrbaugh (Petersburg, WV) over Haley Murphy (Spencer, WV).
2nd - Haley Murphy (Spencer, WV) over Haley Moore (Elizabeth, WV).
3rd - Haley Moore (Elizabeth, WV) over Destiney Murphy (Brohard, WV).
Rohrbaugh over Moore.
Rohrbaugh over D. Murphy.
H. Murphy over D. Murphy.

67 lbs.
1st - A.J. McLaughlin (Centerburg, OH) over Rory Jett (Marietta, OH).
2nd - Rory Jett (Marietta, OH) over Renee Richter (Woodsfield, OH).
3rd - Renee Richter (Woodsfield, OH) over Morgan Mulinex (South Charleston, WV).
McLaughlin over Richter.
McLaughlin over Mulinex.
Jett over Mulinex.

79 lbs.
1st - Sierra Frosch (Fairmont, WV) over Deena Dubites (Belle, WV).
2nd - Deena Dubites (Belle, WV) over Malyah Coleman (Martins Ferry, OH).
3rd - Malyah Coleman (Martins Ferry, OH) over Lindsey Kupfner (Parkersburg, WV).
Frosch over Coleman.
Frosch over Kupfner.
Dubites over Kupfner.

108 lbs.
1st - Kristan Strobel (Hurricane, WV) over Holley Lanham (Vienna, WV).
2nd - Holley Lanham (Vienna, WV) over Trinity Griffith (Rinard Mills, OH).
3rd - Trinity Griffith (Rinard Mills, OH) over Leah Cochran (Letart, WV).
Strobel over Griffith.
Strobel over Cochran.
Lanham over Cochran.

Middle School Division

95 lbs.
1st - Sammy Roberts (Pine Grove, WV) over Haleigh Gaskins (Elizabeth, WV).
2nd - Haleigh Gaskins (Elizabeth, WV) over Megan Burns (Elizabeth, WV).
Roberts over Burns.

105 lbs.
1st - Jessi Stockwell (Clay, WV) over Shaye Gadomski (Caldwell, WV).
2nd - Shaye Gadomsik (Caldwell, WV) over Candice Lynch (Elizabeth, WV).
Stockwell over Lynch.

140 lbs.
1st - Alison Massinople (Columbus, OH) - unopposed.
*wrestled exhibitions in HS Division.

High School Division

108 lbs.
1st - Sarah Guerrier (Austintown, OH) - unopposed.
*wrestled exhibitions in next group up.

122 lbs.
1st - Brooke Alton (Weston, WV) over Morgan Miller (Webster Springs, WV).
2nd - Morgan Miller (Webster Springs, WV) over Sarah Guerrier (Austintown, OH).
Alton over Guerrier.
Alton over Kayla Hixon.
Guerrier over Hixon.
Hixon over Miller.

140 lbs.
1st - Demi Strub (Guilford, IN) over Brittany Walker (Charleston, WV).
2nd - Brittany Walker (Charleston, WV) over Alison Massinople (Columbus, OH)
3rd - Alison Massinople (Columbus, OH) over Johnna Harrison (Charleston, WV).
Strub over Harrison.
Strub over Massinople.
Walker over Harrison.

Collegiate Division

129 lbs.
1st - Kayla Hixon (Big Bend, WV) - unopposed.
*wrestled exhibitions with HS Division.

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