West Virginia Wrestling

West Virginia All-Stars 24 WPIAL All-Stars 21

March 15, 2009
35th Dapper Dan Wrestling Classic
Fitzgerald Field House, Pittsburgh PA

Format: Matches 2 periods, 2 1/2 minutes each period. Each period starts with wrestlers on their feet.

The WPIAL All-Stars won 7 matches, while the West Virginia All-Stars won six. However, a pin by Philip Barbour's John King at 135 (the only pin of the event), and an injury default at 145 spelled the difference, as the West Virginia All-Stars prevailed by a 24-21 count.

112 Dirk Bauer, Wheeling Park d Ron Schram Canon-McMillan 6-4
Schram opened the scoring in the first period, scoring 2 for a takedown on a leg shot. Bauer was able to spin underneath and come out the back door, and tied the match 2-2 with a reversal. Later in the first, Bauer got in on a good leg shot but couldn't finish. Schram was able to cross-face and go behind to score the takedown. The first round ended with Schram ahead 4-2.

In the second round, Bauer came out a bit more aggressively and was able to finish a good leg shot coming out the back door and scoring a takedown, tying the match 4-4. Bauer then quickly scored 2 back points with a 2-on-1 tilt to go ahead 6-4. Bauer threw in legs and rode the top the rest of the match, and the match ended 6-4 Bauer.

119 Jake Swink, Connellsville d Ryan Asbury, Oak Glen 7-4
Swink scored first on a takedown with a single leg and a dump. Swink then covered on top making it difficult for Asbury to get anything shook loose. Asbury did get a one point escape on a switch at the mat edge which was close to a reversal. On the re-start on the feet, Swink scored another take-down with a slide-by and the first period ended 4-1 Swink.

To open the second period, Swink scored another takedown with a clean leg shot to go ahead 6-1. Asbury stood up for a escape, then scored a take-down of his own on a clean shot to pull to within 2, 6-4 with 1:14 left. Asbury on top, needing back points to tie or win, Asbury stretched the envelope and Swink got out for an escape. The match ended 7-4 Swink.

125 Nathan Pennesi, Greater Latrobe d Nick Taylor, Wheeling Park 2-0
Low scoring match. Greater Latrobe's Pennesi was in on three good shots for a takedown in the first period, an unusual low-level leg snatch/sit move, which Taylor deftly countered with an equally unusual somersault move on two or three occasions. The first period ended with no score.

In the second period, Pennesi scored a takedown with a head inside single with 1:43 left. Pennesi rode the top for the remainder of the period. With nothing happening in the match, a stalemate was called at 1:04, but Pennesi continued to ride the top with a tight waist. Final score Pennesi 2-0.

130 Colin Sheridan, Mt Pleasant, d Drew Jenkins, East Fairmont 2-1
Sheridan scored first with a high crotch attack and takedown. Wrestlers went off the mat, and Jenkins did a sit-out-turn-in on the restart to escape, making the score 2-1 with 1:41 left in the first. This was all the scoring in the match.

The second period began, as did all the matches at this event, with both wrestlers on their feet. Jenkins could not find the combination to get past Sheridan's defense, as the entire second round was wrestled from neutral position. Jenkins did get in on a good shot with 10 seconds left, but couldn't finish. The match ended 2-1 Sheridan. One can only speculate how the match might have ended if conventional rules were utilized - with the second and third rounds starting with someone (possibly) on bottom or top.

135 John King, Philip Barbour, p Mitch Spencer, Avella, 4:41
Perhaps more action in this match than most. Spencer came out aggressively in the first, getting in on King with a good head-inside single. King fought this off with a wizzer for what seemed like an eternity, got loose, and the match still had no score at 1:34 left in the first. Spencer then came in with an aggressive cowboy - perhaps unknowingly playing to King's strength. King shucked him off, landed on top, and showed great wrestling savvy to get his legs positioned just-so to earn the takedown. Later in the first, Spencer tried to stand up on a restart, but King pulled him back and got his shoulders down for a two count and 2 backs. The first period ended with King ahead 4-0.

In the second, Spencer tried a nifty little spin move underneath. King, showing great ability to wrestle in a scramble, stuck Spencer on his back more securely than two arms and two legs would seem to allow, scoring the pin with 2:11 left in the match.

140 Jack Bachman Hempfield Area d Victor Panico University 6-0
Once again, WPIAL wrestler, Bachman, scored first with a single leg and back-door finish. Bachman then tied Panico up on top, working an arm-bar, and was able to score 2 back points with the bar. The first period ended 4-0 Bachman.

The second period started with a quick straight ahead leg shot and takedown by Bachaman to go ahead 6-0. No more scoring, as Bachman rode the top the rest of the match, winning 6-0.

145 Andy Church, Parkersburg South, via inj def Devan Jones, Penn Trafford
Church came out aggressively, and appeared to be in on a good single leg shot with a scramble. Jones was injured at this point, but the match resumed after considerable injury time. Church got in again with a single leg and trip, then turned Jones loose to go ahead 2-1. Church scored again on a clean leg shot, increasing his lead to 4-1, at which point Jones was injured again and the match was forfeited due to injury.

152 Eric Morris, East Fairmont, d Kyle Appleby, Avella, 2-1
Morris came out strong in this match and scored on a single leg with a lift. Morris then turned Appleby loose on a re-start, and the score was 2-1.

There was no further scoring in the second period. This time it was the West Virginia wrestler with a lead in the second, with wrestlers neutral. Morris took one stall warning with a minute left, but fought off Appleby to get to the end of the match, a 2-1 victor.

160 James Fleming, West Mifflin, d Mason Bailey, East Fairmont 5-2
An odd match. Fleming scored first with a takedown. There followed a series of three sequences where Fleming, from the top, locked in a head-lock (head and one arm) from the top, while riding legs or something close to legs. Bailey desperately tried to shake Fleming off the top and pull his head out, but the head-lock by Fleming was tight indeed - in fact broken off three times by the referee and restarted for "potentially dangerous." Finally at the end of the second, Baily was able to score 2 with a switch, but Fleming got neutral for the escape. The first period ended with Fleming leading 3-2.

The second period was wrestled mostly on the feet, with Bailey trying to get through Fleming's defense. Both wrestlers tied up most of the period. Near the end of the period, Bailey was forced to stretch the envelope and was unable to finish a leg shot. Fleming spun around and got the takedown at the end. Final score Fleming 5-2.

Members of the West Virginia All-Stars relax on the mat prior to the start of action vs the WPIAL All-Stars. Dapper Dan Classic, Pittsburgh PA, March 15, 2009.

Members of the West Virginia All-Stars relax on the mat prior to the start of action vs the WPIAL All-Stars. Dapper Dan Classic, Pittsburgh PA, March 15, 2009.

West Virginia All-Stars coaches L to R: Larry Shaw, Oak Glen; Chuck Satterfield, Fairmont West Virginia; Roy Michael, North Marion (retired), member of WV Chapter, National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

West Virginia All-Stars line up for pre-match ceremony. Dapper Dan Classic, WV All-Stars vs WPIAL All-Stars, March 15, 2009, Pittsburgh PA.

171 Jacob Dempsey, Huntington, d Cody Catalina, Beth Center 3-2
My choice for the gutty performance of the day, by Jacob Dempsey of Huntington. No score in the first, as Catalina got in on Dempsey for two bona-fide takedown attempts which were fought off by Dempsey with such determination that even the Pennsylvania fans sitting behind me were even "oohing and ahhing."

In the second period, Catalina was given two for a takedown and Dempsey one for an escape after a brief flurry that left both wrestlers neutral. Dempsey then seemed to find another gear, scoring a takedown midway through the second that put him ahead 3-2. Dempsey rode the top in legs, and worked for the turn. With less than a minute left, Catalina got moving and appeared to be heading for a reversal, both wrestlers still on the mat. Dempsey, however, refused to give up control and the match ended with no loss of control by Dempsey. Final score Dempsey 3-2.

189 Cameron Gallaher, Grafton, d Roman SanDoval, Shady Side Academy, 4-0
Another day at the office for Grafton's Cameron Gallaher. Early in the first, Gallaher had SanDoval tied up in a knot, with SanDovals shoulders so (apparently) on the mat that even West Virginia Coach Roy Michael returned to his pre-retirement form to suggest to the referee that, er, um, do you think the shoulders are down there? No pin, not even a score. Gallaher scored a takedown later in the period, to end the first period ahead 2-0.

More of the same in the second, as Gallaher scored another takedown and didn't appear to break a sweat. Final score Gallaher 4-0.

215 Ryan Watson, Burgettstown, d Josh Kay, Capital, 2-1
As with many of the matches this day, Watson scored first with a takedown, Kay escaped, and Watson led 2-1, which is the way the first period ended.

In the second period, Kay again was unable to penetrate his WPIAL opponent's defense. A stall warning on Watson with 10 seconds to go, but too little too late. Final score Watson 2-1.

285 Jordan Roussos, Carlynton, d Gabriel Hardiman 1-0
No score in regulation. This match was essentially decided on the flip of the disc.

With no score after the end of both periods, a one minute overtime period was wrestled. Still no score. Roussos won the disc flip for the single sudden-death tiebreaker, took down, promptly got out, and the match was over. Roussos 1-0.

* The WPIAL (Western Pennsylvania Athletic League) lists 140 member schools as of 2009 on its website at www.wpial.org

* This year's win by the West Virginia team marks only the 9th loss by the WPIAL All-Stars in the 35 years of the event.

* WPIAL defeated West Virginia in the 1978 event by a score of 42-12
98 Pat Sole, Parkersburg South, d Steve Ansani, Valley, 8-3
105 Kevin Brown, McGuffey, P Steve Brooks, Parkersburg, 1:30
112 Terry Weigle, Weir, d Dave Chromanics, Norwin, 1-0
119 Lloyd Johnston, Bethlehem Center, D Troy Owens, Parkersburg, 6-4
126 Todd Camel, Mt Lebanon, p Mark Hayes, East Fairmont 3:16
132 Gary Sandala, Plum, p Gig Dornick, Parkersburg South, 2:35
138 Mark DeAugustino, North Allegheny, d Dan Underwood, Parkersburg South, 9-2
145 Ray Pernell, Weir, d Benly Dudeck, Kittaning, 5-2
155 Wes Payne, Big Creek, d Barry Bryner, Connelsville, 11-10
167 John Chendy, Ligonier Valley, p Dan Studenic, Parkersburg, 4:18
185 Wayne Bloom, Seneca Valley, p Tom Maston, Parkersburg, 2:32
HWT Jim Covert, Freedom, p Sean O'Brien, Wheeling Park, :44

* WPIAL defeated OVAC in the 2002 event by a score of 36-6
112 Mike Ciotti, Latrobe, md Allen Taylor, John Marshall, 17-5
119 Jeff Breese, McGuffey, TF Mike Fasouletos, John Marshall, 3:57
125 Brian Sticca, Greensburg Salem, d John Tierney, Martins Ferry, 10-4
130 Chad Seybold d David Tierney, Martins Ferry, 9-7
135 Lou Vigliotti, Burgettstown, TF Billy Barath, St Clairsville 5:00
140 Deacon Smolleck, Greensburg CC, md Jon Varner, Beaver Local
145 Matt Schiff, Fort Cherry, d Tucker Brown, Cameron, 8-3
152 Matt Hill, Freedom, d Derek George, John Marshall 4-2
160 Dave Gardner, Norwin, d Roger Kupfer, Cameron, 7-0
171 Derrick Stickles, Oak Glen, d Nick Kozar, Derry, rideout
189 Chris Taylor, John Marshall, d Brian Hall, Yough, 5-3
275 C.J. Wonsettler, Bentworth, d Jesse Wells, Shenandoah, 10-3

1975 WPIAL 34 Maryland 9
1976 Ohio 24 WPIAL 21
1977 WPIAL North 25 South 20
1978 WPIAL 42 West Virginia 12
1979 WPIAL 28 Oklahoma 24
1980 New York 27 WPIAL 14
1981 PA District 11 22 WPIAL 19
1982 WPIAL 33 Northwest-Central 12
1983 WPIAL 43 Oklahoma 7
1984 WPIAL 27 Ohio 24
1985 Iowa 28 WPIAL 13
1986 WPIAL 30 Virginia 22
1987 WPIAL 40 New England 8
1988 Iowa 28 WPIAL 15
1989 New Jersey 27 WPIAL 20
1990 WPIAL 43 Illinois 7
1991 WPIAL 36 Florida 12
1992 Ohio 25 WPIAL 18
1993 WPIAL 24 Wisconsin 15
1994 WPIAL 27 Florida 13
1995 WPIAL 24 Idaho 18
1996 WPIAL 28 Maryland 17
1997 WPIAL 26 Wisconsin 21
1998 WPIAL Discrict 10 12
1999 WPIAL 39 District 6 9
2000 Nebraska 22 WPIAL 22
2001 WPIAL 22 Minnesota 21
2002 WPIAL 36 OVAC 6
2003 WPIAL 29 Virginia 24
2004 WPIAL 28 Texas 17
2005 WPIAL New York 24
2006 WPIAL Delaware 22
2007 Ohio 33 WPIAL 9
2008 WPIAL 36 Wisconsin 15

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