West Virginia Wrestling

Blennerhassett 78 PKB.Catholic 12

Date: 12-10-08
Location: Wirt

78: A. Harris (Blen) pin N. Shriner (C) 1st
84: K. Harris (Blen) WBF
90: L. Hill (Blen) WBF
95: C. Dornick (Blen) WBF
102: Z. Burdette (Blen) pin R. Shriner (C) 2nd
110: Z. Mather (Blen) WBF
116: C. Smith (Blen) pin R. Wines (C) 3rd
123: T. Alton (Blen) pin G. Leisure (C) 1st
128: C. Shriner (C) pin J. Alexander (Blen) 2nd
135: J. Welch (C) WBF
145: T Huffman (Blen) WBF
155: C. Knotts (Blen) WBF
171: J. Hill (Blen) WBF
190: D. Mills (Blen) WBF
275: R. Malson (Blen) WBF


Submitted by: Randy Alton

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