West Virginia Wrestling

Nitro Results at Jason Eades Memorial

Friday & Saturday, December 19-20, 2008
AT Point Pleasant Jr/Sr High School, Point Pleasant, WV

Matt Dunbar, Champion 112lb
  defeated Mike King (Philip Barbour) by Fall
  defeated Brandon Stacy (Spring Valley) by Fall
  defeated Nathan Morgan (Saint Albans) by Fall
  defeated Isaac Cales (Independence) by Fall
  defeated Loguen McKee (Berkeley Springs) by Fall
  defeated Caleb Duong (Point Pleasant) by Dec 4-1
  defeated Zac Alderman (Cabell Midland) by Fall
  defeated Nick Stevens (Calhoun County) by Fall

Cody Parcelluzzi, 10th Place 119lb
  defeated Tyler Edwards (Spring Valley) by Fall
  lost to Zach Hanshaw (Calhoun County) by Fall
  lost to Josh Fisher (Roane County) by Fall
  lost to Alex Wriston (Woodrow Wilson) by Fall
  lost to Kyle Crihfield (Roane County) by Fall
  defeated Michael Fisher (Wahama) by Fall
  defeated Adam Moore (Wahama) by Tech Fall 20-3
  lost to Aaron Bugby (Greenbrier West) by Fall

Ian McGill, 10th Place 125lb
  lost to Justin Giuffrida (Spring Valley) by Fall
  lost to Joey Griffith (Cabell Midland) by Fall
  lost to Justin Fisher (Roane County) by Fall
  defeated Andy Jorgensen (Roane County) by Fall
  defeated Dillian Nuzum (Philip Barbour) by Dec 16-9
  lost to Sam Whiting (Roane County) by Fall
  lost to Austin Moore (Calhoun County) by Fall

Sam Dunbar, 2nd Place 130lb
  defeated Cole Cooper (Cabell Midland) by Fall
  defeated Jeremy Corbitt (Parkersburg South) by Tech Fall 21-4
  lost to Brad Reed (Berkeley Springs) by Dec 10-5
  defeated Cody Wills (Shady Spring) by Fall
  defeated Luke Hottle (Roane County) by Fall
  defeated Cody Clark (Calhoun County) by Maj Dec 16-8
  defeated Dave Rutherford (Cabell Midland) by Fall
  defeated Walter Patton (Shady Spring) by Dec 14-7
  defeated Jared Searls (Point Pleasant) by Dec 3-1 1st OT

Zach Sizemore, 10th Place 130lb
  lost to Cody Clark (Calhoun County) by Fall
  defeated Nathan Alderson (Greenbrier West) by Fall
  lost to Dave Rutherford (Cabell Midland) by Fall
  defeated Zach Ranson (Shady Spring) by Dec 2-0
  lost to Travis Echols (Woodrow Wilson) by Dec 7-0
  defeated Jesse Harper (Saint Albans) by Dec 12-7
  lost to Cole Cooper (Cabell Midland) by Dec 6-3
  lost to Jeremy Corbitt (Parkersburg South) by Fall
  defeated Cory Ash (Roane County) by Fall

David Toney, 12th Place 135lb
  lost to Sean Gungle (Calhoun County) by Fall
  lost to John King (Philip Barbour) by Fall
  lost to Rakeem Fowlkes (Woodrow Wilson) by Fall
  lost to Andy Thomas (Cabell Midland) by Fall
  lost to Tyler Lynn (Parkersburg South) by Fall
  lost to Colton Erskine (Shady Spring) by Fall
  lost to Richard Marshall (Berkeley Springs) by Fall

Seth Craven, 5th Place 152lb
  defeated Duane Copen (Parkersburg South) by Fall
  defeated Andrew Truax (Berkeley Springs) by Fall
  defeated Dillon Mefford (Calhoun County) by Fall
  lost to Evan Thompson (Cabell Midland) by Fall
  lost to Devin Hall (Spring Valley) by Fall
  defeated Mike Meadows (Shady Spring) by Dec 5-1
  lost to Joel Blevins (Saint Albans) by Dec 3-2
  lost to Jeremy Conley (Calhoun County) by Dec 10-5

Michael Comer, 16th Place 152lb
  lost to Mike Meadows (Shady Spring) by Fall
  lost to Mac Swisher (Parkersburg South) by Fall
  lost to Devin Hall (Spring Valley) by Fall
  lost to Tyler Dolan (Roane County) by Fall
  lost to Chris Stone (Wahama) by Dec 6-5
  lost to Robbie Duncan (Shady Spring) by Fall
  lost to Duane Copen (Parkersburg South) by Fall

Tyler Crisp, 15th Place 160lb
  lost to Tory Bennett (Berkeley Springs) by Fall
  lost to Steven Brogle (Parkersburg South) by Fall
  lost to Zach Sayre (Point Pleasant) by Dec 8-1
  lost to Lucas Doss (Cabell Midland) by Fall
  lost to John Dingess (Spring Valley) by Fall
  lost to Ricky Hathaway (Philip Barbour) by Fall

Bruce McCuskey, 12th Place 171lb
  lost to Daniel Robinson (Philip Barbour) by Fall
  defeated Josie Smith (Point Pleasant) by Fall
  lost to Bobby Barbour (Cabell Midland) by Fall
  lost to Caden Arnold (Calhoun County) by Fall
  lost to Jon Wright (Parkersburg South) by Fall
  lost to Micaiah Branch (Wahama) by Fall
  lost to Ernie Carper (Roane County) by Fall
  lost to Matt Somerville (Parkersburg South) by Fall

Chris Sayre, 4th Place 189lb
  defeated Mi Nam Choe (Parkersburg South) by Fall
  defeated Aaron Sullivan (Philip Barbour) by Fall
  defeated Ara Scott (Spring Valley) by Fall
  defeated Clayton Jarvis (Roane County) by Fall
  lost to Eric Veith (Point Pleasant) by Dec 2-0
  lost to Cody Keeney (Saint Albans) by Dec 7-4
  lost to Tim Sutro (Calhoun County) by Fall
  defeated Michael Hayes (Cabell Midland) by Fall

Justin Vail, 11th Place 215lb
  lost to Matt Thompson (Point Pleasant) by Fall
  lost to Zack Wellman (Spring Valley) by Fall
  defeated Zach Snodgrass (Roane County) by Fall
  lost to Scott Kinnard (Cabell Midland) by Fall
  lost to Drew Hayes (Roane County) by Fall
  lost to Jerrod Long (Point Pleasant) by Fall
  lost to Jacob Gleason (Point Pleasant) by Fall
  defeated Matt Weddington (Point Pleasant) by Fall

James Parsons, 13th Place 215lb
  lost to Matt Weddington (Point Pleasant) by Maj Dec 15-5
  lost to Bodie Grass (Cabell Midland) by Fall
  defeated Taner Sandy (Philip Barbour) by Fall
  lost to Jacob Haught (Calhoun County) by Dec 6-1
  lost to Jerrod Long (Point Pleasant) by Fall
  defeated Shijuan Edgehill (Greenbrier West) by Fall
  defeated Zach Snodgrass (Roane County) by Fall
  defeated Zac Younker (Berkeley Springs) by Forfeit

Caleb Smith, 8th Place 285lb
  lost to Hobert Delph (Berkeley Springs) by Fall
  lost to Caleb Greathouse (Roane County) by Fall
  lost to Anthony Trout (Greenbrier West) by Dec 9-7 OT
  defeated Ronnie Lively (Point Pleasant) by Fall
  defeated Zack Barkley (Philip Barbour) by Fall
  defeated Toby Poling (Philip Barbour) by Fall
  defeated Luke Chambers (Saint Albans) by Fall
  defeated Christian Cottrell (Calhoun County) by Fall
  lost to Corey McQuire (Independence) by Fall

Richard Berry, 22nd Place 285lb
  lost to Seth Moore (Spring Valley) by Fall
  lost to Andrew Spade (Greenbrier West) by Fall
  lost to Gabe Hardiman (Cabell Midland) by Fall
  lost to Toby Poling (Philip Barbour) by Fall
  lost to Corey McQuire (Independence) by Fall
  lost to Anthony Trout (Greenbrier West) by Fall
  defeated Ronnie Lively (Point Pleasant) by Fall
  defeated Jacob Blair (Wahama) by Fall
  lost to TJ Stiffler (Woodrow Wilson) by Fall

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