West Virginia Wrestling

Sissonville Duals

December 30, 2008
Sissonville High School

Team Results
1st George Washington 96
2nd Independence 90
3rd Riverside 74
4th Oak Hill 56
5th Poca 26
Sissonville 26
7th X-Team 12
8th Ravenswood 8

Weight Class Results
1st Dakota VanBibber GW
2nd Curtis Baber OH
3rd Zach Green Ind
4th Drew Capenter Poca

1st Jeremy Westfall GW
2nd Paul Bryant Riv
3rd Isaac Cales Ind
4th Clayton Cook Poca

1st Mike Prince Ind
2nd Ronnie Burdette Siss
3rd Marvin Kirk GW
4th Jeff Kincaid OH

1st Zach Walker GW
2nd Garrett Reveal Siss
3rd Phillip Lilly Ind
4th Phillip Thomas Poca

1st Ronnie Kirk GW
2nd Nathan Green OH
3rd Tyler Smith Riv
4th James Owens Ind

1st Justin McCarty Riv
2nd Jacob Williams Ind
3rd Collin Morris GW
4th Karzell Rose GW-B

1st Alex Buckley Riv
2nd Alex Levitan GW
3rd Sam Wood Ind
4th Adam Dominquez OH

1st Cody Hilty Poca
2nd Donald Mallory GW
3rd Curtis Lynch Siss
4th Stephen Thomas Riv

1st Josh Vance Riv
2nd Jordan Seabolt Rvs
3rd Christopher Nelson Ind
4th Chris Long OH

1st Ryan Shank GW
2nd Larry Dean OH
3rd Braden Evans OH-B
4th Josh Adkins Riv

1st Jeffrey Clifton Ind
2nd Aaron Shuemake OH
3rd Jerrith Witt GW
4th CW Lark Riv

1st Jake Justice Ind
2nd Tyler Long Riv
3rd Hampton Cokeley GW
4th Chuck Lynch Siss

1st Mark Ward Ind
2nd David Mullins OH
3rd Lee McCartney Riv-B
4th Jake Skeens Poca

1st Chaz Robinson Riv
2nd Corey McQuire Ind
3rd Arnold Hauserman GW
4th Noan Pennington OH

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