West Virginia Wrestling

Winners Choice

January 15-16, 2010
Woody Williams Armory, Fairmont West Virginia


L to R
6th: Collin Day, Meyersdale
5th: Dakota Vanbibber, George Washington
3rd: Alex Reiman, Cabell Midland
1st: Jarred Simpkins, Ripley
2nd: Ryan Diehl, Berekely Springs
4th: Noah Searls, Point Pleasant
7th: Andy Stotler, Martinsburg
8th: Tyler Cross, Washington


L to R
6th: Colby Kiggins, Keyser
5th: Cody Kelley, Williamstown
3rd: Stephen Mckenzie, Meyersdale
1st: Caleb Doung, Point Pleasant
2nd: Jake Smith, George Washington
4th: Tyler White, Ripley
7th: Kane Bender, Buckhannon
8th: Alex Cheslock, University


L to R
6th: Cohen Hovermale, Berekely Springs
5th: Jarred Burdette, Ripley
3rd: Jeremy Westfall, George Washington
1st: Hunter Wood, East Fairmont
2nd: Jessie Schiffbauer, University
4th: Isaiah Moore, Buckhannon
7th: Richard Moskey, Hyndman
8th: Billy Charelton, Meyersdale


L to R
6th: Stevie Porter, Point Pleasant
5th: Cody Gibbner, Hyndman
3rd: Sykler Terrell, Parkersburg
1st: Louden Goodpaster, Cabell Midland
2nd: Zach Walker, George Washington
4th: Zach Zide, Williamstown
7th: Brooks Russell, North Marion
8th: Chuck Vankirk, University
Not pictured 6th: Dakota Montgomery, Lewis County 17- 7


L to R
6th: Dakota Montgomery, Lewis County
5th: Kyle Bratke, Parkersburg
3rd: Levi Hosselrode, Hyndman
1st: Rusty Maness, Point Pleasant
2nd: Ryan Hinerman, North Marion
4th: Richard Marshall, Berekely Springs
7th: Jordan Carter, Martinsburg
8th: Robert Farley, University


L to R
6th: Luke Parsons, Ripley
5th: Tyler Tennant, North Marion
3rd: Eric Annan, Fairmont Senior
1st: Sam Dunbar, Nitro
2nd: Tommie Brunswick, Bridgeport
4th: Dylan Ceravalo, Washington
7th: Brad May, Hedgesville
8th: Cole Cooper, Cabell Midland


L to R
5th: Shaun Cutright, Buckhannon
3rd: Cody Spinks, Musselman
1st: Derek Hovermale, Hedgesville
2nd: Chad Efaw, North Marion
4th: Brandon Ruble, Parkersburg
7th: Zac Risinger, Berekely Springs
8th: Travis Ferrell, Nicholas County
Not pictured: 6th: Zach Lusher, Cabell Midland


L to R
6th: Matt McCormick, Point Pleasant
5th: Alex Buckley, Riverside
3rd: Elijah Hull, Lewis County
1st: Jordon Nolan, Parkersburg
2nd: Damen Capper, Berekely Springs
4th: Tyler George, Williamstown
7th: Luke Beavers, Musselman
8th: Dusty Lantz, Meyersdale


L to R
6th: Seth Jack, Buckhannon
5th: John Cardello, Hedgesville
3rd: Phil King, University
1st: Adam Bicak, Ripley
2nd: Chad Morrison, Parkersburg
4th: Nate Taylor, Tyler Consolidated
7th: Alex Levitan, George Washington
8th: Nic Boone, Cabell Midland


L to R
6th: Matt Aldridge, Keyser
5th: Mark Board, Williamstown
3rd: Clark Ferrell, Parkersburg
1st: Evan Thompson, Cabell Midland
2nd: Tory Bennett, Berekely Springs
4th: Nicky Bryant, Nicholas County
7th: Adam Rutter, Ripley
8th: Brody Northcraft, Tyler Consolidated


L to R
6th: Brandon Grimes, Tyler Consolidated
5th: Kris Lankford, University
3rd: David Heis, Ripley
1st: Max Nogay, Weirton Madonna
2nd: Dylan Nick, Washington
4th: Austin McBeath, Point Pleasant
7th: Brandon Spicer, East Fairmont
8th: Michael DeSiano, Williamstown


L to R
6th: Tom Collins, Williamstown
5th: Ryan Larose, Musselman
3rd: Isaac Morgan, Fairmont Senior
1st: Chase Long, Buckhannon
2nd: Ronnie Mullins, Ripley
4th: Brock McClung, Point Pleasant
7th: Cody Lambka, Keyser
8th: Adam Hart, Elkins


L to R
6th: Shane Skiles, George Washington
5th: David Hicks, Ripley
3rd: Jeff Weng, University
1st: Bodie Grass, Cabell Midland
2nd: Casey Hogg, Point Pleasant
4th: Logan Mabie, Preston
7th: Mario Schiano-Dicola, Hedgesville
8th: Devante Cook, Fairmont Senior


L to R
6th: Ben Sands, Robert C. Byrd
5th: Aaron Nelson, Keyser
3rd: Travis Wheat, Hedgesville
1st: Hobert Delph, Berekely Springs
2nd: Chaz Robinson, Riverside
4th: Jerrod Long, Point Pleasant
7th: Daryl Hicks, Ripley
8th: Christian McGaughey, Weirton Madonna

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