West Virginia Wrestling

Kanawha County Championships

Date: January 27-28, 2010
Location: Stonewall Jackson Middle School

Team Scores
52 Elkview
30 Stonewall Jackson
25 McKinley
22 John Adams
21 Sissonville
14 Andrew Jackson
2 Hayes
9 Cedar Grove
5 Horace Mann
4 Dupont

Points based on placement 1st - 5 2nd - 4 3rd - 3 4th - 2

Championship 78: Harper (Elk) dec. Stover (JA) 8-4
Championship 84: Weese (Elk) fall Pancake (JA) 3rd period
Championship 90: Weese (Elk) fall Cottrell (Siss) 3rd period
Championship 95: Farmer (Elk) dec. Allman (McK) 7-1
Championship 102: Lorea (HM) fall Bradford (McK) 2nd period
Championship 110: Whittington (Elk) fall Johnson (McK) 3rd period
Championship 116: Callen (Elk) fall Holstein (CG) 3rd period
Championship 123: Bowen (Elk) fall Bush (SJ) 2nd period
Championship 128: Hensley (Elk) fall Peyton (Dup) 1st period
Championship 135: Woodson (AJ) fall Williams (Hay) 2nd period
Championship 145: Weese (Elk) fall Vaughn (McK) 2nd period
Championship 155: Arrington (SJ) fall Richmond (AJ) 1st period
Championship 171: Vance (SJ) fall Bowen (Elk) 2nd period
Championship 190: Walton (SJ) dec. Beane (Siss) 12-6
Championship 275 McMaster (SJ) fall Skidmore (JA) 2nd period

Third 78: Dodd (Elk b) dec. Bradford (McK) 2-1
Third 84: Hayes (SJ) dec. Boxley (SJ b) 5-0
Third 90: Keeney (SJ) dec. Tucker (CG) 10-1
Third 95: Moss (Siss) dec. Miller (SJ) 6-1
Third 102: Weese (Elk) fall Smith (JA) 3rd period
Third 110: Estep (CG) dec. Goff (Elk) 9-0
Third 116: Mollohan (Elk) dec. Pratt (SJ) 7-4
Third 123: Wartenburg (Hay) fall Foss (McK) 2nd period
Third 128: Evans (JA) winner by default
Third 135: Quencer (JA) fall Shreve (Siss) 2nd period
Third 145: Curry (Hay) fall Crain (Siss) 1st period
Third 155: McDaniel (McK) dec. Wong (JA) 6-2
Third 171: Whitney (Siss) dec. Skeens (AJ) 2-0
Third 190: Phillips (AJ) fall Bennett (Hay) 2nd period
Third 275:Childers (Siss) dec. Bishop (McK) 7-2

Comments: Thanks to Stonewall for being great hosts.

Submitted by: John Beech

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