West Virginia Wrestling

West Virginia Duals, Parkersburg WV
January 30, 2010

Ripley (RIP) 53 vs. Parkersburg South B (PS2) 24

103 Jarred Simpkins (RIP) WBF Lance Hill (PS2) F 1:00
112 Tyler White (RIP) WBF Zac Wilson (PS2) F 1:00
119 Jarred Burdette (RIP) WBD Jake Fordyce (PS2) M 11-2
125 Kyle Knotts (PS2) WBF Louis Yates (RIP) F 1:00
130 Stewart Morris (PS2) WBF FORFEIT F FOR
135 Luke Parsons (RIP) WBF Jake Alexander (PS2) F 1:00
140 Cody Edman (PS2) WBF Brandon Forshea (RIP) F 1:00
145 - Rhodes (RIP) WBD Cody Hively (PS2) D 16-15
152 Adam Bicak (RIP) WBF Mac Swisher (PS2) F 1:00
160 Adam Rutter (RIP) WBD Travis Fordyce (PS2) M 12-1
171 David Heis (RIP) WBF Tyler Huffman (PS2) F 1:00
189 Ronnie Mullins (RIP) WBF Matt Somerville (PS2) F 1:00
215 David Hicks (RIP) WBF Scott Sandy (PS2) F 1:00
285 Mark Swisher (PS2) WBF Daryle Hicks (RIP) F 1:00

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