West Virginia Wrestling

Park Middle School-2nd Annual Wayne Bennett Duals Tournament

Date: December 5th, 2009

1-Collins 5-0
2-Christiansburg 4-1
3-Summersville 3-2
4-Park 2-3
5-Fayetteville 1-4
6-Cedar Grove 0-5

78: 1-Nick McHenry (C), 2-Josh Lilley (P), 3-Jason Lay (S)
84: 1-Kenny Maiolo (P), 2-Austin Meeker (CG), 3-Dakota Benton (S)
90: 1-Creed Lumpp(C), 2-Troy Ferrell (F), 3-Bryce Tucker (CG)
95: 1-Kyle Dulaney (C), 2-Marc Williams (Col), 3-Bailey Bowles (F)
102: 1-Simeon Brown (C), 2-Dakota Miller (Col), 3-Jared Myers (CG)
110: 1-Jakob Cooper (P), 2-Chris Shumaker (Col), 3-Austin Ellison (C)
116: 1-Tyler Gilger (Col), 2-Jason Ashcraft (CG)
123: 1-Anthony Thomas (S), 2-Dustin Cole (Col), 3-Marcus Burgess (P)
128: 1-Tim Fischer (Col), 2-Jake Overbaugh (S), 3-Cody VanDyke (P)
135: 1-Hunter Pullens (F), 2-Kyle Rowland (C), 3-Joe Simpson (S)
145: 1-Drew Hicks (S), 2-Chris Worley (P), 3-River Pullens (F)
155: 1-Austin Eva (C), 2-Wade Leggett (S), 3-Parker Unroe (P)
171: 1-Seth Keith (Col), 2-Will Lemasters (S), 3-Evan Odell (F)
190: 1-A.J. Murdock (Col), 2-Jared Carter (Col b) 3-Brandon Rhodes (CG)
275: 1-Charles Carter (Col), 2-Justin Jones(CG), 3-Colton Henderson (C)


Submitted by: Wayne Bennett, Tournament Director

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