West Virginia Wrestling

Jason Eades Memorial

Date: 12/18/09 - 12/19/09
Location: Point Pleasant Jr/Sr High School

Team Scores
1) Western Greenbrier 8-0
2) Point Pleasant 7-1
3) Franklin, OH 5-3
4) Calhoun 4-4

Weight Class 78
1st: H. McCume (Calhoun)
2nd: Gage Buskirk (Point Pleasant)
3rd: C. Patten (Western Greenbrier)
4th: Caleb Leslier (Point Pleasant)

Weight Class 84
1st: John Raike (Point Pleasant)
2nd: B. Alterson (Western Greenbrier)
3rd: N. Jay (Gallipolis)
4th: L. Kingsley (Franklin)

Weight Class 90
1st: C. Currence (Western Greenbrier)
2nd: B. Nesselrotte (East Fairmont)
3rd: Michael Patterson (Point Pleasant)
4th: J. Richards (Spencer)

Weight Class 95
1st: D. Yoakum (Western Greenbrier)
2nd: Guy Fisher (Point Pleasant)
3rd: D. Clarkson (Spencer)
4th: C. Sampson (Calhoun)

Weight Class 102
1st: M. Goddard (Western Greenbrier)
2nd: D. Michael (East Fairmont)
3rd: C. Ritchie (Calhoun)
4th: Zach Stewart (Point Pleasant)

Weight Class 110
1st: H. Stewart (East Fairmont)
2nd: M. Frazier (Western Greenbrier)
3rd: C. Ritchie (Calhoun)
4th: Liam Stewart (Point Pleasant)

Weight Class 116
1st: Z. Robe (East Fairmont)
2nd: D. George (Western Greenbrier)
3rd: T. Barrett (Franklin)
4th: J. Richards (Calhoun)

Weight Class 123
1st: K. Foley (Western Greenbrier)
2nd: R. Henderson (Franklin)
3rd: Jon Peterson (Point Pleasant)
4th: C. Stewart (East Fairmont)

Weight Class 128
1st: M. Boatwright (Western Greenbrier)
2nd: Zak Davis (Point Pleasant)
3rd: N. Peck (Calhoun)
4th: A. Rutledge (Franklin)

Weight Class 135
1st: Josh Hudson (Point Pleasant)
2nd: J. Copley (Spencer)
3rd: E. Wallace (Franklin)
4th: M. Florence (Gallipolis)

Weight Class 145
1st: Brycen Reymond (Point Pleasant)
2nd: Austin Napier (Franklin)
3rd: D. Overbay (Calhoun)
4th: S. Parrish (Spencer)

Weight Class 155
1st: M. Free (Spencer)
2nd: Jacob Starcher (Point Pleasant)
3rd: M. Evans (East Fairmont)
4th: K. Creech (Franklin)

Weight Class 171
1st: A. Nori (Franklin)
2nd: D. Murphy (Western Greenbrier)
3rd: Elijah Cottrill (Point Pleasant)

Weight Class 190
1st: M. Crackett (Franklin)
2nd: T. Byus (Gallipolis)
3rd: C. Starcher (Calhoun)
4th: Sid McCoy (Point Pleasant)

Weight Class 275
1st: Chase Henderson (Franklin)
2nd: Colton O'Dell (Western Greenbrier)
3rd: Jacob Duncan ** (Point Pleasant)
4th: Derrick Jackson (Point Pleasant)

Comments: Milton and Wirt could not make it the second day. Milton had an 5-0 record for the first day, and most kids were 5-0 overall. Awarded wrestlers with 8 matches the places, as well as teams.

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