West Virginia Wrestling

Robert L. Bland 60 Taylor Co.

Date: 1-8-11
Location: East Fairmont

78: B.Poling TC Dec.6-4 A.Hull RL Bland
84: C.Williams TC Pins J.Cruz RL Bland
90: C.Howell RL Bland Forfeit
95: P.Gunter RL Bland Forfeit
102: E.Hull RLBland Pins C.Conway TC
110: S.Warnken RL Bland Pins C.Mayle TC
116: T.Toms RL Bland Forfeit
123: S.Skinner RL Bland Forfeit
128: C.Stinett TC Dec. 14-12 I.LoshRL Bland
145: K.Rogers RL Bland Forfeit
155: R.Harvey RL Bland Pins TJ.Trader TC
171: E.Lucas TC Pins M.Arbogast RL Bland
190: R.Carson RL Bland Pins C.Jenkins TC
275: B.Holden RL Bland Forfeit


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