West Virginia Wrestling

Braxton County High School Invitational

Date: January 14 - 15, 2011
Location: Braxton County Armory

Team Scores
1. Clay County 240
2. Greenbrier West 232
3. Shady Springs 184
4. Liberty Raleigh 183
5. Independence 178
6. Calhoun County 157
7. Wirt County 151
8. Braxton County 136
9. Herbert Hoover 134
10. Lincoln 107
11. Liberty Harrison 106
12. Grafton 92
13. Sissonville 62
14. Webster County 47
15. Fayetteville 46
16. Petersburg 42
17. Philip Barbour 37
18. Saint Albans 34
19. Buckhannon-Upshur 29
20. Midland Trail 16

103 Championship: Justin Triplet, Clay, Decision, Zach Matthey, Liberty Harrison 4-0
112 Championship: Tyler Cheuvront, Wirt County, Pin, Jacob Hyre, Lincoln
119 Championship: Danny Suite, Clay County, Decision, Austin Whittington, Herbert Hoover 4-2
125 Championship: Aron Bugby, Greenbrier West, Decision, Dustin Daniels, Clay County 4-2
130 Championship: Milak Boatwright, Greenbrier West, Decision, Matt Griffin, Grafton 9-3
135 Championship: Hagan Root, Wirt County, Decision, Janeek Wiggan, Greenbrier West 2-1
140 Championship: Tyler Cottrill, Braxton County, Decision, Tommy Dodd, Liberty Harrison 6-0
145 Championship: Chris Setliff, Shady Springs, Decision, RJ Elam, Liberty Raleigh 11-8
152 Championship: Ben Laughlin, Calhoun County, Decision, Josh Mack, Herbert Hoover 8-6
160 Championship: Jared Haught, Calhoun County, Pin, Cody Stroud, Greenbrier West
171 Championship: Trey Fitzwater, Liberty Raleigh, Inj. Def., Chris Nelson, Independence
189 Championship: Daniel Fultz, Liberty Harrison, Pin, Travis Mills, Independence
215 Championship: Patrick Nary, Herbert Hoover, Decision, Stephen McBride, Independence 8-1
285 Championship: Anthony Trout, Greenbrier West, Decision, Eric Young, Wirt County 3-2

103 Third Place: David Meadows, Shady Springs, Decision, Cody Goff, Grafton 2-1
112 Third Place: Chris Meadows, Shady Springs, Decision, Lance Gross, Braxton County 13-3
119 Third Place: Colton Ward, Independence, Decision, Jonathan Cain, Wirt County 6-3
125 Third Place: Isaac Cales, Independence, Decision, Tyler Kosut, Shady Springs 7-1
130 Third Place: Daniel Carpenter, Liberty Raleigh, Decision, Alex Suite, Clay County 15-4
135 Third Place: Nick Barker, Liberty Raleigh, Decision, Christian Pritt, Braxton County 4-1
140 Third Place: Ricky Hammons, Braxton County, Pin, Rick Ahart, Clay County
145 Third Place: Zach Hanshaw, Calhoun County, Decision, Jazeeb Fleming, Greenbrier West 4-0
152 Third Place: Tyler Parker, Greenbrier West, Inj. Def., Anthony Holton, Clay County
160 Third Place: Brent Conley, Fayetteville, Decision, Vincent Nolte, Buckhannon-Upshur 14-4
171 Third Place: Jessie Ramsey, Clay County, Pin, Zane Weese, Herbert Hoover
189 Third Place: Justin Cooper, Sissonville, Pin, Drew Kirby, Saint Albans
215 Third Place: Chuck Lynch, Sissonville, For., Caden Arnold, Calhoun County
285 Third Place: Eli Poston, Grafton, Decision, Colton Cogar, Webster County 6-1

103 Fifth Place: Scooter Farmer, Herbert Hoover, Decision, Triston Harvey, Liberty Raleigh 6-3
112 Fifth Place: AJ Adkins, Braxton County, Decision, Justin Duncan, Herbert Hoover 6-4
119 Fifth Place: Chandler Stewart, Liberty Raleigh, Decision, Brandon Stump, Shady Springs 10-3
125 Fifth Place: Mikey Goddard, Greenbrier West, Decision, Colin Raynor, Braxton County 13-7
130 Fifth Place: Jake Linville, Wirt County, Pin, Johnny Forren, Shady Springs
135 Fifth Place: Mitchell Schoolcraft, Clay County, Pin, Nathan Streets, Grafton
140 Fifth Place: Nathan Alderson, Greenbrier West, Inj. Def., Zak Ransom, Shady Springs
145 Fifth Place: Dillon Nuzum, Philip Barbour, Pin, Thorn Simon, Braxton County
152 Fifth Place: Sam Wood, Independence, Pin, Andrew Floyd, Liberty Raleigh
160 Fifth Place: Robert Duncan, Shady Springs, Pin, Zach Braley, Clay County
171 Fifth Place: Tyler Jones, Lincoln, Pin, Brandon Smith, Greenbrier West
189 Fifth Place: Steve Miller, Clay County, Decision, Micah Barton, Independence 13-7
215 Fifth Place: John Paul Nichols, Petersburg, Inj. Def., Colt Holbert, Wirt County
285 Fifth Place : Jacob Miller, Clay County, Pin, Andrew Spade, Greenbrier West


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