West Virginia Wrestling

Coalfield Confrence 2011

Date: 1-15-11
Location: Eastern Greenbrier Middle School

Team Scores
1-Western Greenbrier 334.5
2-Park 258
3-Independence 241.5
4-Shady Spring 181
5-Collins 153
6-Eastern Greenbrier 98
7-Fayetteville 39
8-Trap Hill 29
9-Meadow Bridge 28

Championship 78: Scarboro (CM) def J Green (IN)
Championship 84: Swafford (PM) def Richardson (WG)
Championship 90: Patton (WG) def Crowe (MB)
Championship 95: Currence (WG) def Maiolo (PM)
Championship 102: Lively (WG-B) def Fraley (TH)
Championship 110: Yokum (WG) def Clifton (IN)
Championship 116: Grimmett (WG) def Taylor (PM)
Championship 123: Tincher (WG) def Justice (IN)
Championship 128: Frazier (WG) def Zimmerman (EG)
Championship 135: Asbury (SS) def Cole (CM)
Championship 145: Solak (EG) def Woorley (PM)
Championship 155: Flynn (PM) def Ripley (WG)
Championship 171: Murphy (WG) def Lambert (SS)
Championship 190: Wykle (CM) def Mitchel (IN)
Championship 275 Lusk (SS) def John (PM)

Third 78: Robinson (SS) def Kinder (EG)
Third 84: Cox (IN) def Young (SS)
Third 90: Hart (IN) def Sizemoore (FV)
Third 95: Adams (IN) def Christie (EG)
Third 102: Gillespie (CM) def Ferrel (FV)
Third 110: Stover (PM) def Casto (CM)
Third 116: Mueller (SS) def Grimm (IN)
Third 123: Greene (CM) def Deweese (IN)
Third 128: Harris (PM) def Spurlock (WG)
Third 135: Kessler (WG) St. Clair (IN)
Third 145: Panell (PM) def Criddle (SS)
Third 155: Gauldin (SS) def Gertz (IN)
Third 171: Coffman (PM) def Wolfe (IN)
Third 190: Perry (SS) def Bolyard (WG)
Third 275:Roberts (EG) def Delany (EG-B)


Submitted by: Coach Bush

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