West Virginia Wrestling

Logan 48 Hurricane 30

Date: January 15th 2011
Location: Logan

78: Nida (H) WBF M.Dehart (L)
84: Hendricks (H) WBFor
90: Gibson (H) WBFor
95: Adkins (H) WBF Blevins (L)
102: Johnson (H) WBF Z.Dehart (L)
110: ODonnell (L) WBF Kerns (H)
116: Cox (L) WBF Cooper (H)
128: Conn (L) WBFor
135: G. Ellis (L) WBFor
145: Wiley (L) WBF Stout (H)
155: Horn (H) WBF Oney (L)
171: Hensley (L) WBFor
190: Browning (L) WBFor
275: Hall (L) WBFor


Submitted by: J Davis

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