West Virginia Wrestling

WV Duals

January 29, 2011
Parkersburg, WV

Brooke (BRK) 50 Parkersburg South B (PS2) 29

103 Matt Beaman (BRK) WBD Austin Harris (PS2) TF-5 19-3;
112 Chance Pattinson (BRK) WBD Kyle Harris (PS2) TF-5 24-7;
119 Brandon Knotts (PS2) WBD Maury Gamble (BRK) TF-5 24-7;
125 Jake Fordyce (PS2) WBF FORFEIT F FOR
130 Urie Ryniawee (BRK) WBF Chase Warner (PS2) F 1:15
135 V Vilga (BRK) WBF Kyle Knotts (PS2) F 1:35
140 Stewart Morris (PS2) WBF Jacob Higgins (BRK) DEF
145 Josh Campbell (BRK) WBD Matt Dixon (PS2) M 13-2
152 Jake Alexander (PS2) WBF FORFEIT F FOR
160 Chris Wilson (BRK) WBF Trayce Broadwater (PS2) F 5:00
171 Cody Watson (PS2) WBF FORFEIT F FOR
189 Nate Dawson (BRK) WBF FORFEIT F FOR
215 Nick Pederson (BRK) WBF Evan Slider (PS2) DEF
285 Anthony Pederson (BRK) WBF Andrew Mossor (PS2) F 1:03

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