West Virginia Wrestling

Poca Duals Tournament

Date: 2-12-11
Location: Poca High School

103: 1st Tyler Brooks (Bluefield) 2nd Cole Gilkerson (Greenbrier West -JV).
112: 1st Devon Steele (Midland Trail) 2nd Isiah Hamrick (Webster Co.) 3rd Andrew Davis (Ritchie Co.)
119: 1st David Hufford (Ritchie Co.) 2nd Tyler Martin (Greenbrier West-JV) 3rd Joseph Lupardus (Wyoming East)
125: 1st Mike Goddard (Greenbrier West JV) 2nd Mason Holliday (Webster Co.) 3rd Jacob Boyce (Wyoming East)
130: 1st Jonah Samples (Poca) 2nd Quentin Hurst (Ritchie Co.) 3rd Larry Clevenger (Webster Co.)
135: 1st Bad Bright (Webster Co.) 2nd Travis Davis (Poca) 3rd Dylan Skidmore (Ritchie Co.)
140: 1st Ryder Collins (Webster Co.) 2nd Randy Blankenship (Wyoming East) 3rd David Buchanan (Bluefield)
145: 1st Chris Pontier (Poca) 2nd Andrew Shirley (Wyoming East) 3rd Cliff Pennington (Bluefield)
152: 1st Phillip Eldrige (Bluefield) 2nd Ryan Martin (Webster Co.) 3rd Jacob Summe (Wyoming East)
160: 1st Matt Harkness (Ritchie Co.) 2nd Justin Salisbury (Webster Co.) 3rd Ethan Barker (Midland Trail)
171: 1st Brad Riddle (Ritchie Co.) 2nd Shawn Pennington (Bluefield) 3rd Evan O'Dell (Midland Trail)
189: 1st Jake Skeens (Poca) 2nd Justin Miles (Bluefield) 3rd Brandon Simms (Midland Trail)
215: 1st Trenton Hart (Ritchie Co.) Chad McGraw (Wyoming East) 3rd Julius Thomas (Bluefield)
285: 1s Colon Cogar (Webster Co.) 2nd Andrew Spade (Greenbrier West JV) 3rd Josh Carroll (Poca)

Comments: Team Scoring - deermined by placement points 1st Webster County 29 2nd Ritchie County 28 3rd Bluefield 23

Submitted by: R. Nelson

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