West Virginia Wrestling

Eastern Greenbrier Middle School Christmas Duals

Date: 12-11-10

1st Western Greenbrier
2nd Shady Spring
3rd Park Middle
Other teams: Collin Middle, Eastern Greenbrier, Summersville, Beckley-Stration, Clifton, Va

Location: Eastern Greenbrier Middle School

78: 1st Jasiel Kinder - Eastern Greenbrier
84: 1st Shane Scarbro - Collins Middle
90: 1st Chris Patton - Western Greenbrier
95: 1st Colob Currence - Western Greenbrier
102: 1st Chase D Moss - Shady Spring
110: 1st Dustin Youkun - Western Greenbrier
116: 1st Jordan Grimmitt - Western Greenbrier
123: 1st Jordan Tincher - Western Greenbrier
128: 1st Marquis Frazier - Western Greenbrier
135: 1st Dustin Cole - Collins Middle
145: 1st Josiah Solak - Eastern Greenbrier
155: 1st Darrell Flynn - Park
171: 1st Dave Murphy - Western Greenbrier
190: 1st Cody Loudermilk - Western Greenbrier
275: 1st Chase Lusk - Shady Spring

Submitted by: Bryan Bush

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