West Virginia Wrestling

Independence 75 Fayetteville 12

Date: 1/7/12
Location: Logan, WV

78: A. Hart (I) Dec Pullens 3-2
84: Eller (I) Forfeit
90: Cox (I) Forfeit
95: J. Hart (I) Forfeit
102: Adams (I) Forfeit
110: M. Trotter (I) Forfeit
116: Farrell (F) Fall
123: Thompason (I) Forfeit
128: I. Trotter (I) Forfeit
135: Lawson (I) Forfeit
145: Adkins (I) Forfeit
155: Gertz (I) Forfeit
171: Lively (F) Forfeit
190: Wolfe (I) Forfeit
275: Duvall (I) Forfeit

Comments: Extras Trotter (I) Dec Daniels (I) 4-2 I. Trotter (I)Fall Shelton (?) T. Lawson (I) fall Franklin (?) A. Daniel (I) fall Z. Adkins (BHB)

Submitted by: Jared Voldness

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