West Virginia Wrestling

4th Annual Wayne Bennett Invitational (Duals)

Date: December 3rd, 2011
Location: Park Middle School

1) Christiansburg VA 4-1
2) Park 4-1
3) Shady Spring 4-1
4) Summersville 2-3
5) Eastern Greenbrier 1-4
6) Beckley-Stratton 0-5

78: 1) Dylan Woods (C) 2) Jeremiah Mayo (BS) 3)Kenny Megehan (EG)
84: 1)Marshall Keller (C) 2)Seth Buckland (SS) 3)Joey Wright (P)
90: 1) Nick McHenry (C) 2)Jasiel Kinder (EG) 3)Shane Scarbro (SS)
95: 1) Leland Swafford (P) 2)Logan Robertson (SS) 3)Thomas Bostic
102: 1) Zach Clark (SS) 2)Jason Lay (Sum) 3)Ryan Morgan (C)
110: 1)Jacob Christie (EG) 2)Tylor Wagnor (Sum) 3)Eric Eva (C)
116: 1)Chase DeMoss (SS) 2)Gage Levine (Cb) 3)Kenny Maiolo (P)
123: 1)Josh Gilger (P) 2)Trey Carr (SS) 3)Dawson Blankenship (Sum)
128: 1)Logan Ward (SS) 2) Eddie Wilson (P) 3) Jared Malcolm (Sum)
135: 1)Matt Moore (Sum) 2)Alec Henderson (C) 3)Aric Porter (P)
145: 1)Sidney Burgess (P) 2)Austin Weis (BS) 3) Adam Anker (Cb)
155: 1) Chris Worley (P) 2)Eric Smith (C) 3)Hunter Foster (BS)
171: 1)Holt Criddle (EG) 2)Colton Reed (P) 3)Jacob Scott (EG)
190: 1) Tyler Sheets (P)
275: 1) Chase Lusk (SS) 2)Chris Delaney (EG) 3)Gabe Smith (BS)

Comments: Christiansburg, Park and Shady all had records of 4-1. Christiansburg won in a tie-breaker. This is our 4th Annual Wayne Bennett and it gets better every year!

Submitted by: Laura Zutaut, Athletic Director, Athletic Director, Park Middle

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