West Virginia Wrestling

Point Pleasant 63 Logan 24

Date: 12-17-11
Location: Gary Nicholson Memorial at Hurricane

78: Arnold (PP) Fall Burgess (L)
84: Bryant (PP) Forfeit
90: Mounds (PP) Forfeit
95: Litchfield (PP) Forfeit
102: Wilcox (PP) Fall Watkins (L)
110: Roach (PP) Fall Dehart (L)
116: Hersman (PP) Fall Dehart (L)
123: O'Donnell (L) Fall Hill (PP)
128: Patterson (PP) Forfeit
135: Safford (PP) Cox (L)
145: Porter (PP) Dec Conn (L)
155: R. Ellis (L) Fall Patterson (PP)
171: Hill (PP) Fall G. Ellis (L)
190: Oney (L) Forfeit
275: Workman (L) Forfeit


Submitted by: Lee Cummings

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