West Virginia Wrestling

Eastern Greenbrier 54 Clifton, VA 30

Date: 12-22-11
Location: EGMS

78: Mcgehan (EG) forfeit
84: Lilly (EG) forfeit
90: Kinder (EG) wbf Smith (CMS)
95: T. Bostic (EG) wbf Horn (CMS)
102: J Bostic (EG) wbf Reynolds (CMS)
110: Christie (EG) wbf Rusmisel (CMS)
116: Hager (EG) wbf Bubar (CMS)
123: Brown (CMS) wbf Perkins (EG)
128: Warlitner (CMS) wbf Thomas (EG)
135: Humphries (CMS) wbf Howell (EG)
145: Barrett (EG) wbf Persinger (CMS)
155: Rusmisel (CMS) wbf Flowers (EG)
171: Sizemore (CMS) wbf Moore (EG)
190: Double forfeit
275: Delany (EG) wbf Gibson (CMS)

Comments: Assembly Match during school

Submitted by: Coach Bush

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