West Virginia Wrestling

Clay (C) 44 Vandevender (VND) 24

Yellow Jacket Rumble
1/12/2013 at Williamstown

84 Chris Moore (C) WBF Kaleb Sams (VND) F 2:18
95 Nick Bacorn (VND) WBF Kenny Welch (C) F 0:57
102 Robert Shaw (C) WBD Jordan Talahfah (VND) M 15-5
110 Brian Naylor (C) WBD Devin Ours (VND) M 11-2
116 Brandon Kincaid (VND) WBF Alex Young (C) F 1:34
123 Zach Ferrebee (C) WBF Zane Ullman (VND) F 2:04
128 Blake Belcher (C) WBF FORFEIT F FOR
145 Aaron Walker (VND) WBF Tristian Bird (C) F 0:41
155 Ryan Stewart (C) WBF Gideon Arrington (VND) F 1:37
171 Austin Rose (C) WBF FORFEIT F FOR
190 Darian Bird (C) WBF FORFEIT F FOR
285 Donavan Morris (VND) WBF FORFEIT F FOR

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