West Virginia Wrestling

2013 Kanawha County Championships

Date:   February 9, 2013
Location:   Nitro High School, Nitro, WV

Team Scores

1. George Washington  1155231
2. Herbert Hoover99351 
3. Sissonville782143
4. Nitro592211
5. Riverside48 321
6. Saint Albans181  1
South Charleston181  1
8. George Washington * 14  2 
Herbert Hoover *14 1 1


106-lb Place Winners
1. Philip Sharp, George Washington 
2. TJ Dean, Nitro 
3. Tanner Moore, Sissonville 
113-lb Place Winners
1. Camren Duncan, Herbert Hoover 
2. Sam Moore, George Washington 
3. John Christenson, George Washington * 
4. Clay Rucker, South Charleston 
120-lb Place Winners
1. Geoffrey Bevil, Nitro 
2. Levi Smith, George Washington 
3. Gage Napier, George Washington * 
4. Tristan Duley, Herbert Hoover * 
126-lb Place Winners
1. David Pancake, George Washington 
2. Hunter Green, Riverside 
3. Collin Stover, Herbert Hoover 
4. Austin Moss, Sissonville 
132-lb Place Winners
1. Jensen Lorea, George Washington 
2. Cole Weese, Herbert Hoover 
3. Vince Hunt, Riverside 
4. Anthony Atkins, Saint Albans 
138-lb Place Winners
1. Jacob Fisher, Sissonville 
2. Zach Callen, Herbert Hoover 
3. Corey Shamblin, George Washington 
4. Caleb Vance, Nitro 
145-lb Place Winners
1. Nick Lane, Sissonville 
2. Tyler Harper, Herbert Hoover 
3. Isaac Holstein, George Washington 
4. Jeffery Thompson, Riverside 
152-lb Place Winners
1. Fred Crowser, South Charleston 
2. Justin Burke, Riverside 
3. James Green, Sissonville 
160-lb Place Winners
1. Jake Smith, George Washington 
2. Blake Whittington, Herbert Hoover 
170-lb Place Winners
1. Hunter Jones, George Washington 
2. Dominic Walker, Sissonville 
3. Chris Pointier, Nitro 
182-lb Place Winners
1. Akeem Brown, Saint Albans 
2. Brady Dye, Herbert Hoover 
3. Vince Bird, Riverside 
4. Logan Burford, Sissonville 
195-lb Place Winners
1. Ryan Walters, Nitro 
2. Chase Hanshaw, Riverside 
3. Tyshawn Blanks, George Washington 
4. Chris Durham, Sissonville 
220-lb Place Winners
1. Zane Weese, Herbert Hoover 
2. Hunter Skeens, Nitro 
3. Clay Whitney, Sissonville 
4. Kareem Badger, George Washington 
285-lb Place Winners
1. Richard Woods, Herbert Hoover 
2. Ronaldo Ramirez, Herbert Hoover * 
3. Mike Parsons, Sissonville 

Championship Finals

106-lb: Philip Sharp (George Washington) def. TJ Dean (Nitro) Fall 1:00
113-lb: Camren Duncan (Herbert Hoover) def. Sam Moore (George Washington) Fall 1:37
120-lb: Geoffrey Bevil (Nitro) def. Levi Smith (George Washington) 6-2
126-lb: David Pancake (George Washington) def. Hunter Green (Riverside) Fall 5:42
132-lb: Jensen Lorea (George Washington) def. Cole Weese (Herbert Hoover) Tech Fall 16-0
138-lb: Jacob Fisher (Sissonville) def. Zach Callen (Herbert Hoover) Fall 5:38
145-lb: Nick Lane (Sissonville) def. Tyler Harper (Herbert Hoover) Fall 5:27
152-lb: Fred Crowser (South Charleston) def. Justin Burke (Riverside) 7-5 (OT)
160-lb: Jake Smith (George Washington) def. Blake Whittington (Herbert Hoover) Tech Fall 15-0
170-lb: Hunter Jones (George Washington) def. Dominic Walker (Sissonville) Fall 1:47
182-lb: Akeem Brown (Saint Albans) def. Brady Dye (Herbert Hoover) Fall 5:05
195-lb: Ryan Walters (Nitro) def. Chase Hanshaw (Riverside) Fall 3:02
220-lb: Zane Weese (Herbert Hoover) def. Hunter Skeens (Nitro) Fall 1:19
285-lb: Richard Woods (Herbert Hoover) def. Ronaldo Ramirez (Herbert Hoover *) Fall 1:00

Consolation Finals

106-lb: Tanner Moore (Sissonville) - Round Robin
113-lb: John Christenson (George Washington *) def. Clay Rucker (South Charleston) Fall 2:53
120-lb: Gage Napier (George Washington *) def. Tristan Duley (Herbert Hoover *) 9-5
126-lb: Collin Stover (Herbert Hoover) def. Austin Moss (Sissonville) Fall 5:18 (OT)
132-lb: Vince Hunt (Riverside) def. Anthony Atkins (Saint Albans) Fall 2:00
138-lb: Corey Shamblin (George Washington) def. Caleb Vance (Nitro) 6-3
145-lb: Isaac Holstein (George Washington) def. Jeffery Thompson (Riverside) Fall 2:00
152-lb: James Green (Sissonville) - Round Robin
170-lb: Chris Pointier (Nitro) - Round Robin
182-lb: Vince Bird (Riverside) def. Logan Burford (Sissonville) Fall 2:00
195-lb: Tyshawn Blanks (George Washington) def. Chris Durham (Sissonville) Fall 2:00
220-lb: Clay Whitney (Sissonville) def. Kareem Badger (George Washington) Fall 1:00
285-lb: Mike Parsons (Sissonville) - Round Robin


Brian Pauley  K51845
Jeff Medley  K51878
Mike Morton  CW0505

Submitted by

Dennis Dunbar, Nitro Wildcat Wrestling

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