West Virginia Wrestling

Cameron Middle School Invitational

Date: 12 / 8 / 12
Location: Cameron High School, Cameron West Virginia

Team Scores
#1 East Fairmont 192.5
#2 Mountianeer Middle 172
#3 Mannington Middle 165.5
#4 New Martinsville 157
#5 Sherrard Middle 143.5
#6 Moundsville Middle 119
#7 South Morgantown 99
#8 Phillipi 75
#9 Fairmont West 60
#10 Cameron 52

Championship 78: Jordan Wood, Moundsville over Lane Flint, East Fairmont
Championship 84: Cole Laya, East Fairmont over Austin Love, Moundsville
Championship 90: David Murphy, Phillipi over Anthony Carman, Sherrard
Championship 95: Trey Hissam, East Fairmont over Zach Thomas, Moundsville
Championship 102: Riley Nice, New Martinsville over Danny Booth, Fairmont West
Championship 110: Austin Rorhbough, Mountaineer Middle over Nate Kosko East Fairmont
Championship 116: Kyle Elliot, Mannington over Timothy Hall, Clay Battelle
Championship 123: Caleb Kuhn Mannington over Tristian Sanders, South Morgantown
Championship 128: Jordan Hamlin, Mountianeer Middle over Daynon Foster East Fairmont
Championship 135: Chris Yerkovich South Morgantown over Austin Conaway, Mannington
Championship 145: Michael Starcher, Cameron over Zane Wayt, Sherrard
Championship 155: Caleb Nice, New Martinsville over Adam Frisco, West Wood
Championship 171: Tommy Norris, Sherrard over Joel Hatfield, New Martinsville
Championship 190: John Albertson, New Martinsville over Grant Gardener, Mountianeer Middle
Championship 275 Zach Roy, Phillipi over Nathan Simmons Moundsville

Third 78: Kenneth Satterfield, Mannington over Braeden Pauley, Mountaineer Middle
Third 84: Jeremy Ewart, Sherrrard over Kyle Cecil, New Martinsville
Third 90: Peyton Hardesty, East Fairmont over Nick Summerlin Mountianeer Middle
Third 95: Alex Salisbury, South Morgantown over Isaac George, Clay Battelle
Third 102: Owen Zeider, Mountianeer Middle over Chaz McCool, Sherrard
Third 110: Kaleb Simpkins, New Martinsville over Austin Potoczny, East2
Third 116: Bailey Williams Moundsville over Jorey Carpenter, Phillipi
Third 123: Clay Adams, New Martinsville over Hayden Starcher, Mountianeer Middle
Third 128: Dalton Malcolmb, Mannington over Hunter Partridge, New Martinsville
Third 135: Brenden Sayers, East Fairmont over Shane Saylor, Fairmont West
Third 145: Chris Diserio, East Fairmont over Jake Carr, Phillipi
Third 155: Andrew Lewis over Nick Valachovic, Mountianeer Middle
Third 171: Devon Harshorn, Mountianeer Middle over Tre Lewis, Fairmont West
Third 190: Charles Barta, Mannington, over Kaden White Sherrard
Third 275:Derian Tolpa, Sherrard over Phillip Carson, Mannington

Comments: Thank you to everyone who attended and congratulations to all the champions

Submitted by: Coach L.J. Winland, Cameron Middle School Head Coach

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