West Virginia Wrestling

Falcon Invitational

Date: 12/8/12
Location: John Adams Middle

Team Scores

Elkview 253
Barboursville 201
Dupont 176
Winfield 144
Andrew Jackson 140
Horace Mann 129
Hayes 122
Sissonville 121
Clay 117
John Adams 108
McKinley 52
Cedar Grove 30

Championship 78: Holt (Elk) Maj dec Isabell (JA) 15-1
Championship 84: Burford (Elk) fall Hauck (Barb)
Championship 90: Slack (Dup) fall Ward (Win)
Championship 95: Stover (Elk) DQ Taylor (Barb) 4 Tech Violations
Championship 102: Gould (Barb) dec Smith (JA) 9-4
Championship 110: Clark (HM) fall Smith (Siss)
Championship 116: Vaughn (Barb) fall White (Elk)
Championship 123: Cook (Siss) dec Flowers (Barb) 8-2
Championship 128: Hudnall (Elk) dec Hanson (Barb) 11-6
Championship 135: Cokley (Hayes) fall Lunsford (Win)
Championship 145: Nidy (Hayes) dec Jeffries (Barb) 1-0
Championship 155: Rollyson (HM) fall Williams (JA)
Championship 171: Thomas (Elk) dec Pomeroy (CG) 4-1
Championship 190: Rose (Clay dec Devaney (AJ) 6-0
Championship 275 Carey (Elk) fall Bird (Clay)

Third 78: Johnson (JA B) fall Counts (AJ)
Third 84: Moore (Clay) dec Doub (Hayes) 8-3
Third 90: Canterbury (Elk) fall Morris (Hayes)
Third 95: Clark (Win) fall McCray (Dup)
Third 102: Hall (HM) dec Lopez (Dup) 2-0
Third 110: Elswick (JA) dec Hall (Win) 5-3
Third 116: Pullins (McK) dec Frampton (AJ) 4-2
Third 123: Watson (Hayes) major dec Cantrell (Win) 13-5
Third 128: Hall (HM) fall Holdren (Wiin)
Third 135: Hall (HM) major dec Belcher (Clay) 10-0
Third 145: Duff (Siss) fall Cash (Win)
Third 155: Garbin (AJ) fall Vance (Elk)
Third 171: Stewart (Clay) major dec Hilbert (AJ) 12-0
Third 190: Holstion (Dup) fall Series (Siss)
Third 275:Buckner (Elk B) fall Bailey (Elk C)


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