West Virginia Wrestling

North Marion JV Holiday Tournament

Date: 12/14/12
Location: NMHS

Team Scores

East Fairmont (EF)
Fairmont Senior (FS)
Herbert Hoover (HH)
Lewis County (LC)
Morgantown (MO)
North Marion (NM)
Williamstown (W)
University (UN)

Championship 106: D Dotson (UN) defeats C Voithfer (UN)
Championship 113: D Sprouse (LC) defeats J Bosley (FS)
Championship 120: T Duley (HH) defeats K Hutchins (W)
Championship 126: T Hayes (NM) defeats I Losh (LC)
Championship 132: S Gribble (MO) defeats D Harris (NM)
Championship 138: Z Callen (HH) defeats T Espinoza (GR)
Championship 145: Bradley Wyne (FS) defeats S Webster (UN)
Championship 152: J Wells (FS) defeats B Tennant (FS)
Championship 160: S Long (FS) defeats B Wise (UN)
Championship 170: JCampbell (MO) defeats N Redmond (NM)
Championship 182: KGresak (MO) defeats D Koval (NM)
Championship 195: M Arbogast (LC) defeats T Smith (LC)
Championship 220: C Mourin (MO) defeats C Rusch (MO)
Championship 285: R Cummings (NM) defeats M Watkins (GR)

Third place 106: C Carvilano (FS) defeats T Holbert (FS)
Third place 113: M Ables (FS)
Third place 120: C Chipps (LC) defeats L Helmick (FS)
Third place 126: M Jones (UN) defeats S Skinner (LC)
Third place 132: T Goss (MO) defeats A McCormick (UN)
Third place 138: R Kerns (LC) defeats J Wheeler (NM)
Third place 145: B Corley (LC) defeats T Smith (MO)
Third place 152: Z Lowman (MO) defeats S Conkley (LC)
Third place 160:
Third place 170: W Lockhart (LC)
Third place 182: D Howell (UN) defeats D Anthony (MO)
Third place 195: J Estep (EF)
Third place 220: A Minard (GR) defeats A Haysurst (EF)
Third place 285: RJ Varney (NM)


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