West Virginia Wrestling

Point Pleasant 69 Jackson 13

Date: 12/27/13 Pool C Round 3
Location: Mountain State Clash

78: Justin Cornell (PP) d. Keegan Bush (J) 7 - 2
84: Logan Southall (PP) pin Jordan Balog (J)
90: George Smith (PP) for
95: Luke Wilson (PP) pin Ky DeSenze (J)
102: Tyson Arnold (PP) pin Schylar Church (J)
110: Logan Ellison (J) d. Jacob Bryant (PP) 7 - 6
116: Stephen Carder (J) pin Miles Williams (PP)
123: Aaron Turner (PP) pin Stone Allman (J)
128: Nick Bacorn (J) d. Chad Lions (PP) 15 - 9
135: Colton McCoy (PP) pin Teonna Cline (J)
145: Eddie Mays (PP) for
155: McKeehan Justus (PP) for
171: Matthew Smith (PP) for
190: Richard Rice (PP) For
275: Treven Franklin (PP) pin Caleb Frazier (J)


Submitted by: William Smith/JL

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