West Virginia Wrestling

Hurricane 54 Huntington 36

December 28, 2013
Mountain State Clash

Date: 2 Pool C Round 3

78: Talbot (Hurr) pin Molinaro (Hun M)
84: Hanshaw (hurr) for
90: Martin (Hurr) for
95: Anderson (Hun M) pin Walker (Hurr)
102: Dempsey (Hun M) pin Nida (Hurr)
110: Burch (Hurr) for
116: Coleman (Hun M) pin Elmore (Hurr)
123: Long (Hurr) pin Nessal (Hun E)
128: Thomas (Hurr) pin Rivera (Hun E)
135: Hill (Hurr) for
145: Canady (Hun M) pin Wilkinson (Hurr)
155: Garrell (Hurr) pin Perrine (Hun M)
171: Chance (Hurr) pin Bias (Hun M)
190: Todd (Hun M) For
275: Kelley (Hun M) pin Huber (Hurr)


Submitted by: William Smith/JL

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