West Virginia Wrestling

Williamstown Junior Jacket Rumble
January 10, 2015
AT Williamstown

Wirt (WC) 42  Edison B (E2) 18
78 Hunter Poole (WC) WBF Brayden Cline (E2) F 0:30
84 Logan Powell (WC) WBF FORFEIT F FOR
90 Bryce Simmons (E2) WBF Levi Stull (WC) F 0:28
95 Colten Whipkey (WC) WBD Brodie Wiggins (E2) D 8-6
102 Wyatt Powell (WC) WBF Codie Murray (E2) F 0:57
110 A.J. Garrett (WC) WBF Cory Beverage (E2) F 1:59
123 Clayton Bain (WC) WBF Brayden File (E2) F 0:28
145 Kaleb Richards (E2) WBF FORFEIT F FOR
171 Conner McCloy (E2) WBF FORFEIT F FOR
190 Glenn McFee (WC) WBD Ethan Nutter (E2) D 7-5
285 E.J. Adkins (WC) WBF Tyler Martin (E2) F 2:20

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